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Ways to Engage Callers with V1 VoIP Message on Hold

Why have your customers wait in silence when they are on hold when you can be engaging them? Message on hold is one of the easiest sells for V1 VoIP resellers to their business clients. Our message on hold feature can influence callers right before they speak to a customer representative. These audio message can be the tipping point between closing a deal, selling a product, or solving a problem. Callers are also less likely to hang up, giving your sales or support teams a better chance at answering their questions

Here are 5 ways V1 VoIP resellers give to keep your customers occupied with Message on Hold.

1. Education on Products
Remind callers about your products or services before they even speak to a customer representative. A good message can prime them for their upcoming conversation. For a sales line, highlight your bestselling items, or feature a new line of offerings that might interest consumers. For a support line, begin educating customers so they can identify the specific questions they want to ask.

2. Sales/Discounts
Throw some potential discounts at your customers while they’re waiting in line. Give them time sensitive deals that make them more likely to decide whether or not they want your product in the upcoming conversation they’re about to have. Giving out deals right before a sales call puts customers in the mindset that they’re saving money with your product. You can make the psychology of a customer change right before a crucial decision point.

3. Customer Testimonials
Nothing demonstrates the quality of your product better than customer testimonials. The power of hearing happy feedback from people who have used your product is a very potent marketing force. By appealing to empathy, you can guide potential customers to relate to your customers and see why you are the right solution for their needs.

4. Entertainment
Waiting on hold is not what people called for, so entertain them! The whole point of Message on Hold is to eliminate the droll elevator music your callers are so used to listening to, amusing them enough so they stay on the line. Surprise your customers with a funny or informative message that has something to do with your company.

Rather than making your callers wait idly for the next representative, Message on Hold gives you the opportunity to engage them on the line. Use this valuable time to present useful information and build a positive brand image of your company. Contact V1 VoIP now to learn how Message on Hold can help your company.

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