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Hot VoIP Business Features: Call Queues

Imagine walking into an office and the secretary up fronts and says the person you seek will be with you in a moment. This is how V1 VoIP call queuing works. Call queuing is one of the hottest features for businesses. Our resellers report that businesses ask for it routinely. Call queuing enables businesses to answer and retain more calls. Call queuing occupies and then directs callers, thus giving businesses many caller benefits.

At the end of the day, businesses are all about the bottom line and V1 VoIP call queuing can do wonders for saving a business money. Because call queuing allows a company to accept more phone calls, businesses can ride through call peaks and valleys without hiring more agents or spending additional money. Considering the number of retained calls through a professional queue, businesses also sell more and create better relationships, again improving the bottom line.

V1 VoIP Call Queuing Improves Customer Satisfaction
While no one enjoys ths ‘I’m on hold’ wait, it’s agreed that it’s better to greet callers, acknowledge their presence and provide updates than to play a standard busy tone. V1 VoIP call queues are considerate in that they reduce call abandonment. They also give callers the ability to stay, leave or record a message. And with wait notifications, callers know their place and priority—they know that they are being looked after—which forms stronger first impressions and positive customer support experiences.

V1 VoIP Call Queuing Offers Complete Customization
If a customer is going to be on hold, why not give them a custom message that would inform them about the business? V1 VoIP call queuing provides custom messages, greetings and even plays the on hold music of your choice. V1 VoIP systems provide other features like presence routing—when an agent directs a call to voicemail, an auto attendant or another extension—and whisper messaging too. These give customer representatives the freedom between calls to take notes and process requests. Businesses will find sundry tools available and configurable through V1 VoIP systems.

Since V1 VoIP call queuing works remotely, businesses need not carry tons of onsite equipment either: in fact, modern call centers require only a few headsets and computers to run this hot features.

Don’t wait any longer to jump in the V1 VoIP call queue line! Contact us now to find out more about our call queuing and what it can do for your business and customers.

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