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Start a V1 VoIP Prepaid International Calling Card Business

start a prepaid international calling card business with V1 voip as a reseller

Are you interested in making money selling International Prepaid calling cards? V1 VoIP can increase your profits using our state-of-the-art VoIP technology for your VoIP prepaid calling card business.

Prepaid international calling card is preferred by most of the cell phone users to make international calls. These cards are very much popular as they are the cheapest and simplest method of making international calls. Their popularity is being reflected in the ever increasing demand for these cards and giving the new entrepreneurs a unique option to set up a long-running enterprise. Similar to other business ventures, you can make a calling card business a success by taking the appropriate steps to start up the venture as a V1 VoIP reseller.

Here V1 VoIP explains the steps needed to start a prepaid international calling card business:

1. Become a V1 VoIP reseller
Just like other business ventures, the start up process is of great significance to make the prepaid international calling card business a success. By spending some time with V1 VoIP you will us ready to help you grow your business and meet your international calling card needs. V1 VoIP will be a great source for gathering data and past records need for your research. Along with the past performance, you have to consider the effect of the brand on your segment of targeted customers.

2. Make a Budget
Next you have to estimate the start up and operation costs for reaching at the exact amount of funds required for starting a prepaid international calling card business from scratch. You can invest your own money or explore various sources of credit like commercial banks or similar institutional creditors. Evaluate the pros and cons of each financing source and select a particular institution based on its suitability to your nature of business. By partnering with V1 VoIP as a reseller, we can help you cut down on your upfront costs for your business.

4. Purchase airtime
For smooth running of a calling card business it is essential to purchase a high amount of airtime. The airtime has to be divided into the various calling cards you will print for selling to the customers. Normally, a longer air time will result in lowering your print and similar operational costs.

5. Print Your Cards
After finalizing the initial requirement of the calling card business, you can print cards with different air time by availing the services of an experienced and professional printer. Once you get these printed calling cards, you can market these trough various retail outlets and stored by offering some amount of incentive to boost the sales volume.

If you would like more information about how V1 VoIP can help you launch your international prepaid calling card business, contact V1 VoIP today so we can talk to you about how we can grow your business and make you money.

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Use V1 VoIP for Your Pre Paid Calling Card Business

V1 VoIP can help you grow your prepaid calling card business

Whether you are calling from a payphone, hotel room, mobile phone, office phone, home phone, or if you are out on the road, V1 VoIP makes communication by prepaid calling card simple and convenient.

A prepaid VoIP calling card or phone card for short, is a small plastic card sized and shaped like a credit card, used to pay for telephone services. In most or all cases, having the physical card itself is unnecessary, and knowledge of the access telephone number to dial and the PIN is sufficient to use it. Most calling cards give a fixed amount of credit and are discarded when used up; rechargeable cards can be topped up, using a credit card or recharge voucher.

* Possibility to launch own calling card business very quickly and easily
* Prepaid and Postpaid scenarios available
* Serve multiple calling cards (CC) types and batches on the same platform
* Low volume of investments
* Easy utilization and management
* Customizable, wizard-driven call rating, including peak and off-peak periods
* Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted by the system
* E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system
* Powerful customizable reporting
* IVR support, including recharge vouchers
* Multi-language IVR support

This solution promises you to launch your own calling card company in your country and assure the highest industrial quality of services. V1 VoIP can suggest you the ready-to-use infrastructure to build your Calling Card solution. Our state-of-the-art VoIP service will provide you the maximal connection quality that will minimize unsuccessful calls attempts and obtain the 100% customer satisfaction. The same time our powerful Real-time VoIP Billing promise you to implement the flexible billing models to your clients as well as perfect management facilities and on-line troubleshooting mechanism. We also offer 24/7 support for our Customers.

V1 VoIP’s SIP Reseller platform has full support for calling cards, allowing you to purchase VoIP termination at wholesale rates, and then sell calling card service to your customers. We support thrid-party DIDs so that you can purchase virtual DIDs from anywhere in the world, allowing you to provide local service almost anywhere. Contact V1 VoIP today for more information about features and functions.

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V1 VoIP Pinless Calling Card Platform Technology

V1 VoIP offers a prepaid pinless calling card solution platform technology

V1 VoIP offers a pinless calling card software platform that enables to provide a full scale of calling card services: prepaid and postpaid, virtual with PIN-less dialing and printed phone cards.

Prepaid and postpaid calling card services represent one of the fastest-growing types of VoIP services. From students studying at university and business and leisure travelers to expatriates, immigrants, and soldiers, all sorts of calling card users have fueled the growth. These VoIP services are especially popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators outrageously high international rates and roaming fees.

V1 VoIP is built around the powerful and feature-rich PortaSwitch and PortaBilling, a carrier grade VoIP billing software with a sophisticated rating engine that is able to manage hidden tricky charges that are essential for any calling card billing platform.

Key Features of V1’s prepaid pinless VoIP calling card technology include:

*  Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers (H323 or SIP)
*  Customization, wizard-driven call rating, including peak and off-peak periods
*  Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted by the system
*  Easy management of calling cards, batches and corresponding accounts (PINs)
*  E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system
*  Customized reporting of CDRs
*  In-depth analysis per VoIP carrier based on traffic and generated revenues
*  Comprehensive reporting functions allowing service providers to track any and all types of call information (by destination, time, ASR, etc.)
*  IVR support, including recharge vouchers
*  Fully compliant with the Visa security standard
*  Toll free, original line information, roaming

Do you need VoIP calling cards? Add V1 VoIP’s prepaid and postpay pinless VoIP calling cards to your business model today and watch your profits soar! Contact a member of the V1 VoIP calling card team to find out how easy it is to add these great features to your business.

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