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V1 VoIP Prepaid Pinless Calling Cards for Holiday Season


When many people think of the holiday season they think of visiting with family, presents and seasonal food. Businesses think of the money spent on gifts, travel, and well, food. But for those of us in the VoIP industry, we think of long distance and international calls made to loved ones that they cannot be with.

Every holiday season, voice traffic spikes due to the increasing number of people calling internationally. For many that look for gifts for their loved ones in other countries, international airtime in prepaid VoIP calling cards is an attractive alternative to money remittance or in kind gifting.

Here are some holiday trends that we have observed at V1 VoIP during the past few holiday seasons that we hope help you setup your VoIP business strategy for this season.

In VoIP, Christmas comes early.

The holiday season no longer begins on December 1st. In 2014, Kmart started its holiday commercial in early September, with many others soon following. Getting those holiday dollars is the main goal. Starting your prepaid VoIP calling card holiday campaign earlier is a considerable advantage because consumers hear about your promotions before the holidays. You want shoppers picking up international and long distance minutes for calling cards before the holidays so they can give them as gifts and use them come Christmas. December 26 is too late.

Cyber Shopping is Key

Who wants to deal with the crowds, stampedes of shoppers, and danger of getting trampled in person at the mall? Cyber Monday–the Monday after Thanksgivin–is now the biggest online shopping day of the year. Make sure businesses in your line of site are ready for shoppers to call in and place orders. E-retailers should have their VoIP businesses in place with call centers and toll free phone numbers long in advance of Cyber Monday.

Calling Cards as Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers used to be solely about size, as in, what will actually fit in a stocking. But giving a prepaid VoIP calling card is not only the perfect size, but also extremely useful. With V1 VoIP’s prepaid pinless calling card technology, you can produce a top calling card that can be used for international calling, account recharge or international mobile top up.

Are you thinking about the holiday season in summertime? If you are interested in starting a long distance or international prepaid calling card or PINless service, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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Start Reselling International Prepaid VoIP Calling Cards

Start your Voip reseller business with V1 VoIP international prepaid VoIP calling cards
If you are new to the VoIP reselling world and are looking to make money immediately, international pre-paid calling cards is the easiest way to boost your customer profits.

With V1 VoIP International prepaid calling cards, you purchase calling time with your credit card on our platform and register your phone numbers for PINless dialing. V1 VoIP provides you a phone card access number. Then you’re ready to start using and saving on long distance calls. No PINs. No trips to the store. It’s that easy.

Prepaid VoIP calling card resellers are V1 VoIP providers that sell VoIP services by minutes. They contract with V1 VoIP for termination services and markup their rates accordingly and offer their services through SIP or a local access number.

No Hidden Fees
V1 VoIP Prepaid International phone cards take only the good features from the phone cards everyone is familiar with: quick affordable calling just by dialing an access number. And to make life easier for end users, they also take all the negatives out of the experience like hidden fees, long pin numbers to remember and endless trips to stores to buy more.

Calling Cards with VoIP Power
V1 VoIP International prepaid calling cards offer the power of VoIP. By using our calling cards you get speed dialing, instant recharging online, call record history, so you get more convenience and spend less.

Get started with V1 VoIP’s international prepaid calling cards to your portfolio of VoIP services. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP calling card team today.

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Make Money Selling International V1 VoIP Prepaid Calling Cards

make money as a V1 VoIP reseller offering selling international prepaid calling cards

One of the easiest ways new V1 VoIP resellers start making money is with selling prepaid International calling cards. There’s a built-in market in many International cities for these cards and it’s easy to make money selling them when you are a V1 VoIP VoIP reseller.

With a calling card business, customers pay a certain amount for the calling card and receive cheap per minute calls. An alternate type of card gives the customer a certain amount of minutes for one all-inclusive cost. It’s often much cheaper than making phone calls from their own home or even using their cell phone.

Here are some quick VoIP money making tips for V1 VoIP resellers offering prepaid International calling cards:

1. First register as a business and fill out the paperwork for a tax identification number. Most companies offering wholesale calling cards require a business license or tax identification number. This indicates that you’ll pay taxes on all sales you make from your cards.

2. Ask V1 VoIP about our wholesale pricing on prepaid VoIP minutes so we can give you great inexpensive pricing on calling cards.

3. Now it’s time to research the market. Depending on which destination you choose, find out of there are stores in the area that will offer to sell your prepaid calling cards. Now you’ll be ready to market your business.

4. Setting margins is key. Offer your prepaid calling cards for sale more than you paid, it will also let the shop make a profit and keep them coming back to you as a vendor.

Now it’s time to contact V1 VoIP and become a reseller of international prepaid calling cards today!

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V1 VoIP International Calling Card Solutions

One of the easiest ways to enter the marketplace as a VoIP reseller is by offering V1 VoIP International calling card servicesand solutions. At V1 VoIP, we offer some of the most advanced calling card features to make services a breeze.

At V1 VoIP we provide network infrastructure and online calling card management system, on which a wide range of calling card services operate. Resellers have access to a wide range of solutions that make them a one-stop shop for calling card services. Whatever customers want you’ll be able to provide, with the power of V1 VoIP supporting you all the way.

V1 VoIP effusive managed, private-label prepaid calling card is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that includes access via toll-free or local number services, a full spectrum of calling card features and high-quality traffic termination worldwide. Let us act as your single provider for all operational aspects of your calling card services, or choose a customized solution that includes only the features you need.

V1 VoIP’s Pinless Calling Cards are an excellent alternative for making low-cost international phone calls, avoiding the high costs that traditional telecom carriers apply. V1 VoIP’s pinless calling cards can be distributed by resellers through a wide net of call shops, Internet cafes and hundreds of websites online.

V1 VoIP is one of the leading players in the telecom market in the VoIP calling card arena, thus enabling its resellers to sell Calling Cards in their home countries. V1 VoIP offers several scenarios for providing Calling Card services including:

* The V1 Calling Card
* Low Set-up Cost
* Free Billing
* IVR (Voice Promt)
* Low A-Z Rates

Contact a V1 VoIP representative now for answers to your questions, comments or to get started today selling International pinless calling card VoIP services.

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