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V1 VoIP Helps You Become a VoIP Reseller

VoIP is the leading telecommunication service that help users to stay in touch with their near and dear ones at cheap rates. For V1 VoIP resellers, the growing scope of our VoIP technology has given rise to services like VoIP call service, wholesale carrier services, amazing reseller programs, great services provided to help potential customers get rid of expensive calling rates and so they can focus on providing the best service to end users.

Those who have become a V1 VoIP wholesale carrier are generating more and more revenue month over month. One of the reasons our resellers site is an increase in productivity while lowering operating costs. The increasing scope of new IP services by V1 VoIP has been helping companies and firms to achieve goals.

At V1, we want you to succeed as a reseller and we give you the tools to do it. V1 VoIP carrier services, VoIP wholesale carriers, best voip service, branded voip reseller, voip reseller services, VoIP termination services are the most profitable means of starting up a small business and make it big by putting efforts.

VoIP service now plays a vital role in connecting long distance people. VoIP calls has become more popular with time, offers quality and reliable services. One can experience a complete hassle free communication through such mode of communication. This system is initially based on digital services. Become a VoIP reseller today and take advantage of our V1 VoIP carrier services and generate huge profit out of it because in present times the demand of cheap international calls is increasing day by day. Contact V1 VoIP now and your wait will be over.

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V1 VoIP DID Origination Services in US and Canada

got numbers? V1 VoIP offers wholesale voip did origination phone numbers at $.15 per DID and services across the United States and Canada

V1 VoIP offers United States and Canada DIDs at $0.15 per number and $5 channels. At V1 VoIP, our wholesale direct inbound dialing origination is a tiered service that provides our customers with access to numbers worldwide and where we specialize in our footprint in the United States and Canada.

This tiered Wholesale VoIP DID origination service offers the ability to customize service packages by individual DID in the form of TN, telephone number, and numbers. By offering our wholesale VoIP DID origination service in tiers, it allows our customers maximum flexibility with service options such as wholesale CNAM caller ID storage, SMS, T.38 faxing, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification services, and more.

Wholesale – US and Canada Wholesale DIDs
V1 VoIP provides businesses with access to Wholesale DIDs in the United States and Canada from over 9,000 rate centers. Through our proprietary VoIP Portal, V1 VOIP customers have instant access and provisioning to more than 500,000 Wholesale DIDs. Our web management portal additionally delivers the freedom to search, purchase, and provision Wholesale DIDs in real-time.

If you are looking for individual wholesale DID numbers, they can be customized online with add-on features such as CNAM (caller ID delivery and storage), SMS, T.38 (faxing over IP), fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification service, and 411 directory assistance. Telephone numbers can be selected in several ways: by network, tier, NPA, state, rate center, LATA, and vanity.

Wholesale – Toll-Free DIDs
Toll-Free DIDs are the hottest phone numbers for businesses to offer customers because they can be dialed from any phone in the United States at no cost to the caller. V1 VoIP offers wholesale Toll-Free DIDs available for instant provisioning. At V1 VoIP we can also port existing Toll-Free DIDs to our network.

Vanity wholesale Toll-Free DIDs (think 1-800-GOT-JUNK) are also available with numbers that, when associated with a traditional telephone number pad, spell out a relevant word or phrase.  These Toll-Free DIDs are great for businesses as it is easier for customers to use and remember and are a great way of attracting potential customers with a statement.

Wholesale – International DIDs
With global presence in over 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world, V1 VoIP offers one of the largest wholesale international DID origination coverage in the VoIP industry. Our extensive selection of Wholesale International DIDs gives our customers access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

Each Wholesale International DID is billed on a flat-rate service. This means a fixed monthly fee, with no per-minute charges and our customers converse as much as they want for a low, monthly charge. They enjoy unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Moreover, each number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number.

To find out more about the Wholesale VoIP Origination DID options V1 VoIP can provide you, as well as our International Rate list, please contact one of our representatives now!

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V1 VoIP Reseller Wholesale Origination

V1 VoIP reseller wholesale origination tiered inbound access for carriers

V1 VoIP provides the largest international coverage of virtual numbers, with global presence in over 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world. Our extensive selection of international DID gives you access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

By providing your business with access to numbers in over 9,200 rate centers across the contiguous U.S. and Canada, V1 provides instant access and provisioning to more than 750,000 VoIP DIDs through our number warehouse. Our web management portal provides you with the freedom to search, purchase, and provision numbers in real-time.

V1 VoIP provides reliable tiered inbound access for carriers through a SIP-based hand-off. Our DID (direct inbound dialing) tiered origination services provide your business with access to numbers in any U.S. market. Our tiered VoIP origination allows you to customize your service package by individual TN, giving you maximum flexibility and options such as CNAM caller ID storage, T.38 faxing, E911 emergency services and more.

V1 VoIP includes a full suite of tools to automate service delivery, removing human error and bringing you the services you need faster. This includes our proprietary online VoIP Portal, which allows you to access and manage all of our services 24×7. Everything from ordering DIDs to local number porting to accessing billing and support, all in one easy to use web portal.

Individual TNs can be customized online with add-on features such as CNAM (Caller ID Delivery and storage), T.38 (faxing over IP), E911 emergency service, and 411 directory assistance. DIDs can be selected in several ways: by network, tier, NPA, state, rate center, LATA, and vanity. This innovative and unique way to handle DID searches, ordering, and provisioning is what makes V1 an industry leader.

Each DID is billed on a fixed monthly fee, with no per-minute charges. This is a flat-rate service, which means that you can talk as much as you want for a low, monthly charge. Enjoy unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Each number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number. Additional channels may be purchased if required.

Do you need fax capabilities? Bring your fax services to the next level with V1’s T.38 fax origination solution or FoIP (fax over internet protocol). Elect numbers with T.38 capabilities from more than 500,000 VoIP DIDs available in our number warehouse, as one of many valuable features we offer to unify your IP-based communication efforts. We offer efficient, high quality faxing, while significantly reducing bandwidth usage.

Traditional faxing predates VoIP networks, and as a result does not synchronize well with them. T.38 is a protocol that enables fax data to be sent from a circuit-switched network to a packet-switched network. This conversion allows for a smooth transition, reducing latency, jitter, and lost packets. T.38 faxing is sent and received in real time, rather than with a delayed “store and forward” system.

FoIP service allows you to bypass the costs of traditional faxing by eliminating all those by-the-minute charges and additional fees PSTN providers saddle you with. With our tiered origination system, you can enjoy flexible pricing and choose T.38 on an individual TN basis.

If you’d like to learn more about what VoIP technology and VoIP origination services can do for your business, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to discuss how we can grow your business.

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Why Choose V1 VoIP for Wholesale Carrier Services

why choose V1 VoIP for your VoIP wholesale carrier service needs

You are choosing the best when you sign up with V1 VoIP for your wholesale VoIP carrier service needs. At V1 VoIP, your success is our success. This makes us
committed to helping you grow your telecom company and offer your customers the latest in state-of-the-art VoIP technology.

Awesome Wholesale Termination Rates
Via least-cost-routing technology, V1 VoIP can route USA and International VoIP calls at the lowest possible rate per minute offered by the various carriers and suppliers connected to our network.

Updated Network
V1 VoIP is run off the backbone of powerful and industry leaders, PortaOne. Using their technology, we offer their latest maintenance releases.

Low-Balance Email Alerts
Don’t worry about a service interruption if your balance get’s low. We’ll notify you, via email, when your account balance is reaching a zero dollar balance. As a result, you will receive several opportunities to replenish your account.

User-Friendly Back-end Portal
With our proprietary VoIP Portal, V1 VoIP offers a simple way to create and fund your account online, and register the static IP address assigned to your VoIP equipment. As a customer, you can access VoIP Portal to view or download your CDRs (call detail records), contact support, and replenish your account.

We listen to our Customers
When you need services or have ideas, V1 VoIP will listen. VoIP is an ever changing industry and V1 VoIP is constantly upgrading to meet our customer’s needs. We do this simply because no one understands our customers needs better than you, our customer.

Free Support
Our Standard Rate Plan service includes 24/7 email support. Want us immediately? Come to our website and join us in a chat.

When you are a wholesaler of V1 VoIP products and wholesale services, you know that we:

1. Strives to be the highest-value provider of wholesale VoIP services by offering outstanding performance and service, while keeping costs as low as possible.
2. Communicate candidly with you about our services, in keeping with our “plain talk” philosophy.
3. Maintains highly effective controls to protect your confidential information, secure your network connection and provide you with reliable services.
4. Employ a talented, diligent, and diverse crew to ensure your account fund and your needs are well cared for.
5. Adapt, evolve, and continuously improve, because you should expect excellence in all that we do.

What are you waiting for? Come and join V1 as a wholesaler today. Contact a member of our team to get started!

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