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V1 VoIP’s Virtual Phone Number Serivces and Solution

V1 VoIP offers virtual number DID VoIP services and solutions for porting

A virtual phone number gives the user a virtual point of presence because it is a real telephone number but without an associated phone line. These numbers are programmed to be forwarded to either a VoIP service or to a different phone line, fixed or mobile. It can give businesses a more global appeal and allow customers to call in for free or on local charges. For residences, it can have family members who live far away call a local number with local charges instead of long distance.

Using virtual numbers with V1 VoIP’s hosted Switch call forwarding feature permits forwarding them to any phone number in any country.

Virtual Numbers are especially appealing to technology companies (for technical support), exporters (to give the impression that the company is local) and service companies such as call centers. Give your customers the illusion that you exist on both coasts of the country or in other countries altogether.

Beyond business applications, a virtual number also can save users money when calling friends and family long distance. If you live in New York and you acquire a phone number in India, for instance, all your friends and family in India can call that local virtual number instead of your New York phone number. You can have peace of mind knowing that your family and friends can reach you at any time without long distance charges. It’s great for kids traveling to college so that they don’t have to pay hefty dorm room phone call charges.

V1 VoIP offers the largest database of DIDs (direct inbound dialing) or virtual numbers for North America, pulling from more than 7,300 rate centers. Our DID pricing for US phone numbers starts as low as $0.15. Contact V1 VoIP now to get your virtual phone number today.

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Small Businesses and V1 VoIP DID Direct Inward Dialing

small businesses benefit from V1 VoIP DID direct inward dialing phone numbers

V1 VoIP’s Direct Inward Dialing offers small businesses with only a few emmployees cost-savings and convenience. With our state of the art technology, even a one person company can increase productivity, improve the level of communication with customers and between employees, as well as make sure that no business opportunities are lost because of busy phone lines.

What is a DID?
Direct Inward Dialing for the layman is a phone number. It’s the seven digit (in North America) phone number that you give out to friends, family, customers, clients, and other associates. For businesses, DID technology allows for multiple extensions on a customer’s private branch exchange (PBX) to be reached by individual outside numbers. One or more trunk lines are provided for connection to the customer’s PBX for the allocation of calls. The PBX receives calls through the trunks along with the dialed destination number, enabling it to forward the caller to the proper extension within the organization.

Here are a few of the reasons why small businesses love V1 VoIP Direct Inward Dialing:

1. Every employee or department gets their own phone number.
DIDs give provide an opportunity to allocate an individual number to every department or employee of your company, regardless of how many physical phone lines you have. This increases efficiency of communication with clients and partners, as well as between employees.

2. Bye bye operator
Inbound calls are handled automatically, so there is no need for a receptionist to sort them out and forward manually. It reduces the hold time and increases the number of successful connections.

3. Save money
As no physical phone lines have to be added to your existing ones, you can cut costs significantly. Want to find out the affordable rates we offer to our customers? Contact V1 VoIP right now to learn more.

4. Ability to handle a larger call volume
If you expect a larger number of inbound calls, then DID is your first choice. As all calls will be allocated straight to the corresponding extensions, your customers won’t have to hold. Hence, the ability to handle more calls in a shorter period of time.

DID phone numbers are an extremely affordable way to boost performance of your company in terms of telephone communications. Even if you are a small start up company, V1 VoIP’s DID technology can help you save money while you reach your goals. Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for small businesses.

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What Makes a V1 VoIP DID Different

A DID is a phone number, it’s that simple. DID stands for Direct Inbound Dialing, and it’s the inbound phone number a person uses to dial. If your phone number is 555-5555, than those seven digits are the DID.

What makes a V1 VoIP DID different?
You can go to many different VoIP providers and ask them what makes their DIDs different and special from other carriers. But at the end of the day, there is nothing special about their DIDs. A phone number is a phone number is a phone number no matter which way you slice it.

So what makes a V1 VoIP DID different? It’s the PRICE!

No matter who you talk to, they cannot beat us on the price of our North American DIDs. AT $0.15 per DID, it’s what makes our DIDs different from the rest. Yes, it’s still just a phone number, but you will be getting it for much less than any other carrier can offer it at.

So if another carrier tells you that their DIDs are special or different from any other’s, ask them how much their DIDs cost. If it’s more than $0.15, contact V1 VoIP to get one of our DIDs today!

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DID Phone Numbers All Over the World for V1 VoIP Resellers

V1 VoIP offers resellers DID phone numbers for locations all around the worldAs a V1 VoIP reseller, you have access to DID phone numbers from all around the globe. With phone numbers in the United States and Canada starting at $0.15 per DID, you will never again be tied down to a specific local area code, city code or even country code. No matter where you are, you can get a local area code for a city which you would like friends, family, business partners or customers to call to cheaply.

As a V1 VoIP reseller, your clients may not fully understand the value of access to DID phone numbers from around the globe. Allow us to explain why any and all of your customers can benefit from this offering:

1. Let’s say you live in New York but your family lives in London. You can get a virtual phone number from London and your friends and family can call you on your London virtual number and you receive the calls via VoIP to your New York V1 VoIP phone number. You charges a fixed monthly fee for this service so you can receive as many calls as you want for a fixed price. And all your friends, family, and business contacts can call you for the price of a local call!

2. You want to start a calling card service. With V1 VoIP you can immediately get access numbers from about many countries and start selling your calling card in all of them. All your customers can dial a local access DID number for the price of a local call and you receive all the calls via IP to your soft-switch or IP IVR. From there you can terminate the calls to your desired destinations, be it worldwide or even destination targeted.

3. As a company you provide call conferencing applications and you wish to have access numbers from all the major countries such that people can access the conferencing rooms. Just order the needed numbers from V1 VoIP and you can start promoting your conferencing solutions today!

4. You operate a call center. Your customers are based in all over the world and therefore you need a phone number from various countries. You can get all the numbers you need online from V1 VoIP and we will route the call directly to your call center via VoIP.

5. Your customer has a business based in Los Angeles, but they want to have virtual offices on the East coast in Miami. No need to get expensive contracts for your virtual office. Simply order a phone number from these cities via the V1 VoIP VoIP Portal and you can add these numbers to your business card right away.

You customers work from home. They would like their business phone numbers to be as mobile as they are. You can now offer them this possibility when you become a V1 VoIP reseller. You can instantly reroute the calls to your new location. You needn’t forward your calls to expensive PSTN termination anymore!

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