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What Real Customers Actually Know About VoIP

Ask a V1 VoIP reseller how much their potential customers really know about what VoIP is and what it does and you’ll quickly learn that most non-tech people are still very confused as to what VoIP can do for them. Here are some of the main concerns that business owners raise to our V1 VoIP resellers.

Do I get to keep my phone number?
No matter how many customers you deal with, this is the first question asked. It’s an easy yes, but it also illustrates the degree which business owners do not understand VoIP.

Is the call quality different?
You might not notice if an email takes a second to send or a web page a bit longer to load, but you will notice if your call quality sucks. Voice is real time communications. What they need to know is that almost ALL of VoIP quality issues stem from poor Internet connection. So increasing bandwidth is a conversation that often needs to happen. Which by the way, will make those emails and web pages faster too.

Am I going to have to buy more hardware?
There is no PBX purchase required. V1 VoIP allows you to set up a fully featured office phone system with little more than a laptop and a few IP or SIP phones; the rest of your PBX can be hosted in the cloud. While we agree that the process of getting up and running is straightforward enough for small and mid-sized businesses to do rather quickly, it is important to recognize that a network does need to meet certain parameters to be made voice-ready.

What happens if the Internet goes down?
Whether a business is using landline service or VoIP is not relevant if a power outage occurs. A traditional phone system still needs to be powered on to function. Most companies have battery backup systems in place that already supply power to the PBX in the case of a power outage.

Can I use my mobile phone with VoIP?
There are NO issues with using VoIP on mobile devices. Calls can be routed to mobile devices, making mobility and accessibility simple to switch back and forth.

Not all prospective customers really understand what VoIP is and what it does. Knowing that you will have these questions and concerns from prospective business customers help our V1 VoIP resellers to prepare their pitch better. Contact us today or sign up now to learn more about what concerns prospective customers have.

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V1 VoIP Never Hear a Busy Signal Again

Did you know that a busy signal is actually a call to action for a caller to hang up? Yep, and not only will they hang up but more than a quarter will not call back. If you are a business, can you afford to EVER have a customer, client, or sales agent ever hear a busy signal when they call you?

When it comes to businesses of all kinds, a busy signal is the worst experience you want your customers to have. But when your business talks to a V1 VoIP reseller, they will never have to hear a busy signal again. It’s a smart strategy to have in place so that during critical times, you don’t fail your customers.

A traditional plain old telephone system (POTS) line is a channel that could only host one call between two phones, with a busy signal happening if the line was already in use. It didn’t matter if the person calling in, out, or even dialing, it would be considered busy or ‘in use’.

V1 VoIP is powered by broadband internet and has no restrictions placed on the number of simultaneous calls that can be placed. When V1 VoIP services are applied to business phones, the capacity for simultaneous calls are much higher than with landline phones. A “line” on a VoIP phone line can handle multiple calls simultaneously.

These additional call slots are helpful, because they keep your callers from getting shafted due to line limits. They also eliminate the need for busy signals, since your VoIP phone will have the capacity to answer simultaneous calls without experiencing “overloaded” lines. Even better! Employees can have phone numbers forward to their mobile phones, so even during the busiest times, calls can be rerouted.

It’s hard to grow customer base and even more difficult to keep it. The last thing you need is for something so small and preventable as a busy signal to cost you business. With V1 VoIP services you can guarantee to never have customers hear a busy signal again.

On a typical day, your business might not experience the kind of call volume that will lead to busy signals. But there’s always the chance that your phone lines can get clogged, and you will definitely want communication services that can route and handle calls with efficiency and intelligence. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn how to get rid of busy signals at your company forever!

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Want to Save Your Business Money Switch to V1 VoIP

The easiest way to save your business money is to make the switch to V1 VoIP services. This simple step will save money both in direct and indirect ways and offer greater professional advantages in this competitive environment. Switching to V1 VoIP services and solutions does not require a huge up front investment, and the money you save will only continue to add up as time goes on.

Immediate Ways V1 VoIP Save a Business Money
With traditional phone services, a company has to invest in business phones and PBX hardware. These one time expenses are generally amortized over a number of years. Instead of huge costs of PBX hardware installations, with V1 VoIP’s hosted solutions, new expenditures essentially amount to zero, because all it requires is a capable internet connection.

V1 VoIP usage fees are also significantly less since most vendors offer unlimited long distance calling within the United States and Canada which account for the bulk of most phone calls. Our hosted VoIP services are flat rate cost per month with all expenses included.

Over Time Ways V1 VoIP Save a Business Money
Want to take your desk strapped employees and create a truly mobile workforce? V1 VoIP enables your employees to take phone calls regardless of their locations. This allows them to work from home, work on the road, or anywhere they can be productive.

Even if a company does not utilize any advanced VoIP features, it will save a company money, but why would you not want to partake of features like conference calling, instant video calling, and simulring. Now staff can collaborate on projects without having to travel, saving on travel expenses, and freeing up valuable employee time.

How much money a company spends and can potentially save can have long-term consequences for the growth and profitability. The difference in costs alone between a traditional phone service and implementing V1 VoIP services are substantial. Don’t wait any longer to make the switch to cost saving V1 VoIP services. Sign up now.

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Got a Startup? Why You Need Cloud Phone Service

You are ready to forge your path into the entrepreneurial world with your start up. Your idea is innovative. Shouldn’t your phone service for your new business be as well?

Even if your business is years away from phones ringing off the hooks, you should still consider professional V1 VoIP phone services. Implementing cloud hosted phone services now can save your company valuable time and money in the long run. V1 VoIP cloud hosted services can scale as easily as your business grows. So think big for your startup and consider the following while you are working towards big things:

Office Location
Startups don’t always start with money pouring into rent for an office. Businesses are becoming more geographically dispersed with more remote workers than ever. V1 VoIP cloud hosted services is perfect for this situation. Working from home or a café? Today’s cloud phone system providers can treat mobile phones and laptops like wall connected desk phones. A cloud hosted services are able to make phones across multiple locations act as if they are within the same office. Calls can be made or transferred from place to place with no additional equipment beyond the phones themselves.

You might envision the beginning with one person making outbound sales calls, but what happens when they start getting inbound calls back? What happens when you grow and that one person now needs to manage a team? The last thing you want is for the line to be busy and lose valuable opportunities and revenue as a result. As your Sales team grows, features such as Ring Groups or ACD Queues become a must. Let V1 VoIP cloud hosted service do the work of connecting prospective customers with your first available sales rep.

You dream of having customers to generate income, but what happens when you have them and they start calling all the time? V1 VoIP allows you to designate a failover in the event a call goes unanswered. Someone calling your desk phone while you’re out and about? Have it fail over to your cell phone, an available co-worker or your voicemail box. Creating set business hours allows you to handle calls appropriately according to the day and time. Have a co-worker in a different time zone? Forward your calls his way when you’re off the clock.

Startups can grow faster than anticipated and it may not be obvious when you first need a phone system. These examples are just a handful of real-world scenarios that that can be handled easily by V1 VoIP cloud hosted phone services. Contact us or sign up now for a someone in your area to implement V1 VoIP phone services for your business.

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Excuses Why Businesses Do Not Switch to VoIP

Ever wonder about the excuses a potential customer gives you for not switching to VoIP? At V1 VoIP, our resellers have a laugh at why a company wouldn’t want to save money while increasing productivity and unifying communications. It should be a no-brainer right? So why are these small businesses not making the switch? Here are the four most common reasons our resellers say they are given:

1. They Don’t Understand the Technology
Knowing as much as we know, it’s easy to forget that to someone who isn’t in our industry VoIP can be very confusing. It is easy to say that V1 VoIP services and solutions will be less expensive and more efficient but business owners often hear a lot of legalese. Plus it almost sounds too good to be true.

2. They are Too Busy
A business should never be too busy to keep up with what their competition is doing. And their competition is adding hosted PBX services, allowing for mobile workforce, and they are saving money by doing so, which may lead to new hires or expansion.

3. Too Much Hassle
Too much change can be a bad thing and business owners often think that making the switch will be a total disruption to their company. On top of that, people are simply resistant to change. So implementing any new technology will certainly have an impact. Productivity is not going to be negatively impacted by making the switch and don’t forget that the money saved will far outweighs that initial challenge.

4. They are Just Stubborn
The phones are ringing and they hear voices when they talk into them. So if it aint broke right? Wrong. Many companies not deploying VoIP services are just plain lazy. While many amazing business owners and employees are competitive workaholics, they lack this same drive and focus to making sure their communications are optimized. Or they want to make the switch but don’t want the extra work that it might entail.

A business can save over 50% on their monthly phone bill by switching to V1 VoIP services. Don’t let you potential customers give you one of these excuses. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now for more reseller sales advice.

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Resellers Save Businesses Money with V1 VoIP

One reason V1 VoIP resellers see hesitation in business customers investing in a new IP phone system, is they do not want to spend money on phone systems when they are currently working. The problem with this thought process is business owners are wrong. They think their phones are working and worse, they think they working at an optimized level.

Here are several ways a V1 VoIP reseller can convince a business owner that making the switch to VoIP services and solutions can save them money.

1. VoIP is cheaper than landlines.
Looking at only inbound and outbound calling alone, VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional phone calling, and that is before all the other features and enhancements VoIP offers. Instead of being charged one rate to long distance here and another for long distance there, VoIP services are offered at a flat rate. Once businesses make the switch to V1 VoIP, they will see their monthly savings begin to add up immediately in calls alone.

2. Awesome Features
Speaking of those features and enhancements, V1 VoIP services can streamline communications so a business can run smoother, faster, and with a more unifies mobile workforce. And did we mention for less money?

V1 VoIP offers the amenities businesses need to remain competitive like simaltaneous calls, call forwarding, text to voice mails, music on hold, eFax, call forwarding to mobile phones and so much more.

3. Future hardware costs.
Those phones you think are working fine are actually dinosaurs. Technicians to service them will become increasingly hard to find as eveyone is now being trained to service new VoIP technology. Ones who can service this outdated hardware will become more expensive, and that’s before you get to the actual phone parts, which are no longer being made. By contrast, VoIP hardware requires less maintenance, which in turn means cheaper prices in the long run.

4. Get Mobile!
VoIP technology is great for companies with remote workers. Office extensions can be programmed to ring on any Internet-enabled devices, including home phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If a company has several remote workers who prefer to use smartphones or other mobile devices as the main method of communication, then V1 VoIP services will unify them regardless of where they are.

V1 VoIP resellers understand a business owner’s hesitation about switching to VoIP for moneyary reasons. But they also understand how V1 VoIP will save them money. Contact us now to become a V1 VoIP reseller today or sign up now and begin saving others money now.

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If It Aint Broke Approach for NOT Switching to VoIP

By now you’ve surely heard the exciting news that turnkey VoIP systems are now affordable and thus readily available! This means that all of the small and medium-sized business owners who are looking to make their business more competitive can now sign up for high-tech VoIP services, which they should do so without delay.

VoIP technology is quickly replacing landline systems that these businesses have been using for so many years, which means that soon every business owner is going to need to sign up for turnkey VoIP services so that they’re able to efficiently communicate with the world. In the coming years expect new business communication technology to come along and accordingly business owners will need to upgrade to this new and better technology. The time has come to ditch the landline and upgrade your business communication system to one that utilizes VoIP technology.

So why haven’t you switched to VoIP services yet?

Do you only believe that a phone line will work if there’s copper on the ground? Do you think that because you pick up the phone and hear a dial tone that your phone works fine? Are you simply resistant to changing technology? Although this is completely understandable, soon you will be limited when it comes to your communication options when it comes to communicating with other VoIP using business owners in the very near future, as well as your customers.

Do you not understand of all of the features and benefits VoIP systems can offer you? The advantages that VoIP technology can bring to your business are many, making it worth your time to understand these advantages so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to your business communication system.

So what can you expect when you finally do sign up for VoIP services? First of all, you can expect to receive a lot more telecommunication benefits. And every business owner surely understands how critical communication is in these highly competitive times. Secondly, you can expect your business to be much more productive. All you have to do is pick and choose from the many VoIP-related tools that are now available to you that allow you to improve your business productivity. Thirdly, you can expect to save money when signing up for turnkey VoIP systems. Yes, you heard that right. Once you sign up, you’re not only going to have access to many more telecommunication benefits, you can expect to pay lower prices.

If you’re a business owner who is in need of high quality VoIP services, be sure to contact as today so we can get you in touch with the absolute best VoIP reseller who can help you take your business to that new level.

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V1 VoIP’s Signs Your Phone System Can’t Keep Up

In the cutthroat world of business, it is hard enough to win an account. But it can be even more difficult if your office phone system can’t keep up with your business needs.

So how do you know if your phone system can’t keep up anymore? Here are V1 VoIP’s five biggest signs that your office phone system might be keeping you from scoring the new business you want:

Poor Call Quality
Can you hear me now?
Jumbled audio, frequent static, voice delays, or calls that drop unexpectedly are things you don’t want an existing or potential customer to experience. You will undoubtedly lose business if you fail to connect with customers in a small window of sales opportunity.

Endless Call Routing
Can your customers actually reach you? Call routing problems can lead customers on an endless maze of menus, making them listen to long menus, enter different digit combinations, and even still put them on hold for long periods of time. Wouldn’t you hang up? So would they. Then they call a competitor. A simple rule to route callers based on business hours can save after-hours callers time by immediately offering them the option to leave a voicemail message.

Difficult to Scale
Can you grow as your business grows? Don’t be held hostage to a size because of your phone system A hosted phone system can scale easily, adding new users and new locations with a few keystrokes and take minutes or hours. Cloud phone systems can make real-time changes to your deployment, so new employees can get up and running right away. Landline outdated phone systems require installation of a physical wire in the wall to activate each of your phones. In-house PBXes might force you to hire IT technicians to come in and add new users manually.

No Geographic Flexibility
Your phone system should be equipped to handle remote working. A phone system with geographic flexibility gives your employees the ability to work on location, from home, during sick days, or for any other reason that might take them away from the office. In an emergency that affects your office, remote flexibility allows your business to continue operations as normal.

Call Functionality on a Limited Basis
For customers, call functionality is expressed by user experience. Can callers re-hear auto attendant options? When a customer is sent to a queue, is the customer met with music on hold or a company message, or do they get bored listening to silence?

When your business phone system is working fun but simply outdated, your competition gets a slight edge over you because of more modern and efficient features. In short, if your phone system can’t keep up, then your business can’t keep up, and that’s when you might want to consider other options. Call V1 VoIP now to get your phone system up to date with the latest technology. Don’t let your phone get in the way of success.

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V1 Guide to Measure VoIP Scalability

When businesses take their communications to the cloud, businesses can employ V1 VoIP systems as small or large as they want. When thinking about scalability, however, businesses must consider more than just adding and disabling lines or features.

How scalable a system is also relies on its accessibility and flexibility. Scalability and flexibility go hand in hand as they adjust to the demands of an active business. They differ in the sense that flexibility also refers to the way users configure and employ features. The ability to change components as needed contributes to a system’s efficiency overall. Even if adding lines is a simple process, the time it takes to setup and modify needs factoring too. This is where usability and scalability collide.

Everyone wants to focus on growth, and scalability is perfect for adding new lines and growing a VoIP system. But did you know that scalability also pertains to when a system needs to downsize? Don’t look at VoIP downsizing as a bad thing, because businesses need to do it for a variety of growth purposes. The modern workforce spends less time in the office, either telecommuting or on the road, so accessibility directly determines a system’s scalability.

Likewise, businesses need to think about security—the more doors open, the better chance of something getting in. At no point should a business accept a VoIP system highly scalable yet susceptible to intrusions.

V1 VoIP measures the effects a system’s tools have on its efficiency. The importance of scalable communications includes benefits such as decreased transition time, cost reduction, market resilience and increased communications efficiency. In regards to accessibility, a scalable system must also be compatible with a range of devices.

To find out more about VoIP scalability, why it’s important to your business and how to measure it, fill out the contact form below and V1 VoIP will fill you in on all the details.

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Can You Afford to Have Your Business Look Down

Can your business afford to look down to customers? It’s a simple and yet interesting question. In the current business economy can you afford for a day, an hour, or even a minute, to have your company look like it is not currently operating to a potential customer?

Let’s face it, the answer is no.

Recently a bakery contacted V1 VoIP about our phone services. They were having a class at the bakery and there was a massive storm going on outside. While the power to the building did not go out, their phones service went down. Three different customers were trying to call to cancel the class because of the weather and could not reach the bakery. What was worse, the phones were down for a week.

Think of it… an entire week with customers unable to reach you. With no outgoing message saying ‘please leave a message.’ Instead someone saying the number was not in service. How many customers did they lose during that week?

When they signed up for V1 VoIP services, they now can have those calls forwarded to their cellular phones in the case of an outage like that. They can change their outgoing message with ease. They have added on hold notifications about classes, promotions, and directing visitors to their website to see their gallery of wedding cakes. And they have even become a reseller offering our services to the other companies in their shopping plaza.

Can you afford to have your business look down to prospective customers? No. You cannot. Contact V1 VoIP today to learn how your company can appear to never be out of business again.

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