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Go Green with V1 VoIP Business Services

Going green or becoming environmentally-friendly is now more than a trend and has become part of our culture, affecting individual, local, and corporate initiatives. Whether it’s recyling, being concerned with your carbon footprint or simply being aware of environmental issues, many companies are adopting greener practices in their daily life. With so many products and services to choose from, it has never been more important to differentiate your business from the competition. Going green is a great way to stand out and even help your bottom line. One way you can go green is by switching to V1 VoIP’s services and solutions!

Really? Switching to VoIP can make a company more green? Absolutely it can! And here are a few of the ways V1 VoIP can help your company proudly say that it’s green!

There are many benefits that come with going green, including but not limiting to a great public image , lower operating costs, an increase in sales and lower taxes due to going green tax breaks.

Less Power Needed
Business telephony systems vary immensely from the landline you may have installed at your home and require a great deal of energy to function. This means higher utility bills and more fossil fuels burned to provide the energy necessary to keep everything running. With VoIP services, however, the expended energy is minimal. This is because the only energy necessary to run the system is simply that which is provided to keep Internet service at the company.

Go mobile!
Employees can be remotely connected from home when a VoIP system is employed. This means not only better connectivity, but less emissions from traveling for the commute to work. The fact that employees can work from home directly contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency
Having to repeatedly replace outdated phone systems is not only costly, it also creates a great amount of waste. VoIP uses the latest technology. So at your fingertips is going to be equipment that will run more efficiently, and cost less while doing so. VoIP solutions don’t require entire new systems to be installed, so they’ll never contribute to landfill waste.

Less Paper Waste
Many VoIP services will enable you to save on paper and ink, like e-faxing solutions. Instead of having to make a hard copy of every document that needs faxing, you can simply send the document via FoIP. Recipients will still get the hard copy they want, but you won’t contribute to any paper waste on your end.

When a company decides to go green, it means that they care about lessening their overall impact on the environment, which is extremely important these days. They’re also letting people know that they’re a business who truly cares about the impact they may be making on the planet and are doing what they can to help lessen this impact. This means your company has to actually be green, not just seem green. V1 VoIP can answer any questions you may have about how switching to VoIP will mean going green. Contact us today for a free demo of our VoIP services and solutions.

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