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What is a CLEC and what do CLECs do

The term CLEC stands for competitive local exchange carrier and is a telecommunications provider company. Back in the early 1980s when the monopolies of AT&T and Bell broke up, they led to the creation of CLECs and ILECs (incumbent local exchange carrier).

ILECs provide service to the public, while CLECs have the right to compete for that business but are not bound to provide the same set of services. CLECs are companies that are known to provide an alternative service to the ILEC within its territory.

V1 VoIP is currently in process of becoming a CLEC. Doing so allows us to offer more services and repurpose our existing modem banks or buy new ones that are capable of external call control.

There are two types of CLECs, facilities-based, or resale. Facilities-based CLECs are peers with the ILEC. Resellers sell their infrastructure to other CLECs, and the margins are so thin that most CLECs favor becoming facilities-based, or do both.

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