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Schools Use VoIP Increase Communications and Safety on Campus

schools use voip to increase communications and safety on campus while saving money and cutting costs

The growing trend of VoIP adoption in schools will continue to develop in the future, because it simplifies communication on campus, increases safety and mobility. This makes local education campuses an attractive place for V1 VoIP resellers to look at these organizations as customers.

Schools of all education levels depend on the proper functioning of communication systems, as it allows for more cohesive communication between teachers and the staff in other buildings, increased mobility for those teachers traveling around campus, and the ability to utilize more security applications. College campuses rely on communications even more so for safety.

VoIP adoption for schools from grades kindergarten through high school is on the rise. According to two surveys from Market Data Retrieval, 37% of K-12 public schools (from “The College Technology Review”) and 70% of colleges and universities (from “Technology in Education”) report that they do use wireless networks.

Large education campuses are looking at a hosted solutions for their telephony needs. The decision was either made to reduce the stress on the internal IT staff or to shift the cost to an operation expense. With today’s technology and the ability to leverage the data network, management and deployment of a VoIP PBX is much less complex. The return on investment for VoIP systems that are competitively priced, usually yield a higher ROI versus a hosted solution within a year. Additionally, the institution will own the solution and can have greater control on the behavior of their telephone network and advanced features. Certain solutions even offer free software upgrades allowing the campus to stay on the cutting edge without an additional investment a year down the road.

Since faculty may spend a large portion of their time traveling to other classrooms, they need to be reachable wherever they go. While cell phones may be implemented as a solution, they have proved problematic for most schools because they are expensive and difficult to regulate.

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