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V1 VoIP Local Number Portability LNP Wholesale Services

Do you need a phone number ported? V1 VoIP has one of the largest LNP (Local Number Portability) services offering around. V1 VoIP has approached the problem by automating the process by developing an online signature LOA and incorporating it into our proprietary backend VoIP Portal. The result has been a smoother and faster porting process for customers.

VoIP’s rapid growth has been challenging for many carriers as they try to process LNP orders. Many carriers are still doing number portability by using handwritten LOA’s and emails. By doing LNP with VoIP Portal, porting a phone number either has become easier. This means if you are porting one, five, or 1,000 phone numbers in bulk.

V1 VoIP’s strength lies in its large footprint. It is one of the few carriers that is a true nationwide provider with several thousand rate centers. Because we have so many rate centers it makes our number porting capabilities much easier and faster. V1 VoIP has grown its footprint by aggregating several carriers in order to provide one large ubiquitous network.

Do you have numbers which need porting? Contact us today or sign up now for our LNP capabilities as well as our rates to do so. We can have your number ported faster than you think.

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