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V1 VoIP Reseller Local Virtual Numbers for Businesses

V1 VoIP resellers request local virtual phone numbers for businesses

V1 VoIP resellers continually tell us that their business customers, small all the way up to enterprise, repeatedly ask for local virtual phone numbers. Sure, businesses think toll free 800 numbers are the necessity in the business world, but they often overlook the value of local virtual phone numbers.

V1 VoIP local numbers give businesses — small and large — access to directories and loyal customer markets. They establish a larger point of presence in more than one market. By doing so, they appeal to a larger customer base that thinks they are local and can make competition think they have a larger footprint geographically.

Customers Think Locally
There are many customers who prefer to shop locally, investing in small businesses rather than global corporations. Yet businesses need only to appear local in order to show up in local directories. V1 VoIP virtual local phone numbers allow users to purchase virtual local numbers and connect them from anywhere in the world, giving the appearance of locality without having physical roots in that location. In this sense, a business can access multiple directories by simply choosing various area codes and call packages.

Intimidate Larger Competition
If you want to be a successful company than you need to dream big for yourself. One of the easiest ways to appear to be bigger is to utilize V1 VoIP local virtual phone numbers. By having more than one phone number, a company can now ‘have offices’ on different coasts of the country, giving customers and colleagues the ability to dial a local phone number and pay local phone rates for making the call.

Customers Calling a Local Virtual Number
Local virtual numbers benefit business customers in two main ways. First, callers do not incur long-distance charges, and while toll free 800 numbers offer this advantage across the country, they also lose the local illusion. Second, local virtual numbers can employ interactive voice response (IVR) menus in each city. This could include a tailored greeting and/or daily specials, sales and offers. Doing so also helps businesses track call traffic, as one city may engage more than another does.

Don’t wait any longer to offer your business customers a local virtual phone number. Find out how easy it is to resell a V1 VoIP local virtual phone number today! Contact us now to learn more about how easy it is to give your business this competitive edge.

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