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VoIP in 2016 American Presidential Election Campaigns

Now more than ever, political campaigns are turning to VoIP technology to make phone calls. In the 2016 presidential election, the advancing world of VoIP technology will impact the way that political organizations reach voters. Traditional ways of garnering attention like signs posted on street corners and those always-lovely negative television advertisements are still prevalent, however the personalized touch of a phone call may ultimately make or break a voter’s decision to support a candidate.

Political VoIP with Power Dialers
Large-scale cold-calling operations that political campaigns need to reach voters, require more of an aggressive dialer system. Some of these are simply “power dialers,” which through a computer system, places one outbound call for each available agent. When the agent hangs up, the system automatically dials another call and connects it to the agent’s phone. This pattern continues as long as the agent remains logged into the system. V1 VoIP Power dialers allow an outbound call center to place far more calls than could be accomplished manually. However, there is still some agent time wasted handling calls that do not connect, reach answering machines or otherwise fail to reach the target.

Political VoIP with Robo Dialers
Sometimes a campaign needs a dialer systems which is completely automated. These place calls then play messages to the answering party or machine. An example is when your phone rings, and the candidate has left a message of encouragement for you to vote. These systems are also commonly used for notification purposes. Think of your child’s school getting cancelled for a snow day, or your dentist reminding your of your appointment the next day. Some automatic dialer systems support additional features like surveys or transfers to live agents.

Who will win the 2016 presidential election? We shall find out soon. But we already know that VoIP has come out a winner!

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