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V1 VoIp Wholesale Provider Billing Solutions

Time is money. With V1 VoIP’s Class 4 and 5 wholesale softswitch solutions, wholesale resellers are provided with a comprehensive VoIP billing function. With no additional billing software required, our billing solutions meet all requirements for successful VoIP providers.

Meet the V1 VoIP Softswitch for Billing
Our class 4 and 5 solutions modules allows viewing current calls on-line statistics, generate invoices, export CDRs, import payments, control credit limits, check connection quality. Our Billing Module runs on Linux and PostgreSQL thus allowing high performance, distinguished security, native redundancy, flexibility and clustering.

The V1 VoIP billing solution consists of next main tools:

Traffic Tools
* include customers/suppliers calls statistics with various filters;
* current calls online display, sorting by operators/codes/numbers/IP addresses;
* routing display for customers/suppliers;
* the set of various reports and charts: nonauthorized/authorized incoming calls attempts, Internet traffic consumption, incoming calls duration etc.
Pricing Tools
* provide prompt and convenient provider’s price list management. You can upload or change as single code through “add price” menu as list of codes trough “add full price” menu.

Financial Tools
* allow to perform financial analysis of any selected client and any selected destination;
* generate and send invoices to customers;
* create and change financial parameters and limits for customers and suppliers;
* create total billing report for each company for a certain time period and other types of reports;

* allows to add and edit your company information, which will be included into the invoices and other documents;
* to edit your RTP servers data;
* provides efficient control of all changes by using filters made by VoIP billing interface;
* automatically monitoring of ACD statistics etc.

For more information about our V1 VoIP billing solution and take a free demo to see it’s power first hand, contact a representative from our team.

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