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V1 VoIP Warns of Mistakes When Switching To VoIP

At V1 VoIP we want our resellers to succeed, and in order to you to do so we are warning our resellers of some of the most common and largest mistakes they could make in the process of switching clients from POTS to VoIP. Here is our checklist to make sure you keep your client’s experience trouble and worry free.

Know your product.
It’s very simple. If a reseller understands the services they are offering, and how they correlate with the needs of their customer’s business it should be smooth sailing. What are the main issues of your system? What is the current/expected traffic? What functions does VoIP offer and which of them should be used in your case? The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for all users in your network, so you’ll have to define which of them need more functions than others.

Know your network and hardware.
VoIP can’t be implemented successfully in a low-quality network. Make sure that your security protection, bandwidth and hardware are of the appropriate level. VoIP is rather demanding in terms of bandwidth, so it’s possible that you’ll have to upgrade your existing connection. Make sure to choose routers that are business-grade with a QoS (quality of service) feature.

Make employees understand VoIP
Even if the company has only six employees, they will need time and guidance to master the use of VoIP. In the case of more employees, schedule a few training sessions and don’t pressure them – people aren’t always friendly to new technologies and sometimes reject them on a subconscious level.

VoIP is meant to fix the flaws in existing telephony systems, not make them worse of create new ones. Take measures to avoid these stumbling stones, and your business will enjoy a powerful boost in terms of cost efficiency and flexibility of your telephony system.

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