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V1 VoIP Readies Resellers for Customer Questions

V1 VoIP readies resellers with a quiz on VoIP knowledge to prep for potential business customer questionsWe truly believe that our services and solutions are needed by businesses of all shapes and sizes which means they can virtually sell themselves. But they can’t. They need resellers to do the job of selling.

As a reseller of V1 VoIP services and solutions, we handle all of the heavy lifting. Your one and only job is simply to resell to customers. For some, sales comes more easily than others. And for those that need some help, V1 VoIP offers resellers advice on how to get the job done.

Although the majority of potential business customers have a basic understanding of what VoIP is, many do not understand the intricacy of what it can do and what it can offer. This is why it’s crucial for V1 VoIP resellers to know everything they can about our services. This way, when a customer asks a question about something they do not know, our resellers know the answers and can be considered experts on the topic.

Ask them about their business and learn about their needs so that you can provide them the VoIP services and solutions they need at prices that will save them money. You can offer them exactly what they need and steer them in the direction of services they didn’t even realize they should have. This is what will keep them competitive in their respective markets and even get the upper hand on their competition.

The following are questions that your prospective customers will probably ask you.

1. What does VoIP stand for?
2. If my phone already works why do I need to upgrade it?
3. How can hosted services really change my business?
4. What features would make a difference in my business?
5. Do I need to upgrade my physical phones to partake of VoIP services?
6. How much does all this cost?

At V1 VoIP, we feel that being able to answer all of these questions is crucial when starting a relationship with a new customer. A law firm is going to have different needs than a corporate enterprise office. A hospital is going to need different services than a hotel. Understanding as much as possible about your client in advance is going to help you let them know which services they will need and the features that each will see as beneficial.

It’s a great idea for all resellers to educate themselves on all things related to this new VoIP technology. Because there are many levels when it comes to learning about new VoIP technology and all that it can offer a business, starting with the basics is definitely recommended. Once a business can understand the basics about VoIP technology, they can then begin to build on this platform of knowledge, which means more services ordered and more money to be made by the reseller.

If you feel you need to know more about VoIP services and solutions, contact V1 VoIP today for the answers to your questions.

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FAQs Small Businesses Have for V1 VoIP Hosted Systems

If you are a V1 VoIP reseller looking to add a hosted VoIP phone system to a SMB, there are a few questions you will more than likely get from a prospective customer. Knowing the answers to these FAQs might be the difference between making and losing the sale. Let’s look at them.

A hosted VoIP phone system is an IP-based phone system for businesses that is hosted by a service provider. Without running any on site equipment, businesses can connect phones to their hosted VoIP provider over the Internet and leverage business telephony features such as dialing the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), extension dialing, auto attendants, voicemail-to-email, call routing rules, etc.

What’s Needed for a Hosted VoIP Phone System?
You need three things fora V1 VoIP hosted phone system: 1) internet, 2) a router and 3) an IP phone.

As VoIP accesses it’s service over the internet, that’s what you will need to be connected to for your phone. For multiple phones in an office location, you’ll need business-grade broadband with enough bandwidth. Offices leveraging hosted VoIP need business-grade routers. A residential router will not cut it, simply based on the amount of traffic it needs to handle. To use hosted VoIP, it’s best to used IP phones, meaning desk phones with Ethernet ports, or software phones. If you’re switching to hosted VoIP, and you plan to grow your business beyond just a few employees, we recommend you purchase IP phones. V1 VoIP recommends SIP phones.

Is Hosted VoIP Reliable? How is the Quality?
Most who ask this question have had a (bad) experience with a free VoIP service, such a Google Voice or Skype where you get what you pay for. Free VoIP services are engineered to minimize the provider’s costs, which can lead to oversubscribed networks and quality degradation. For hosted VoIP the answer is a YES! Hosted business VoIP services reliable and offer high-definition voice and other capabilities, such as deep data integrations and video conferencing.

Ok, I’m interested. But what about….?
Many prospective customers are brand new to VoIP, so they will have many of what we like to call the newb questions. Here are a list of just some of the ones our resellers are ready to answer:
1. Can I keep my phone number?
2. How many phones will I need?
3. Can I participate in conference calls?
4. Will I still have voice mail?
5. What features will I get?

V1 VoIP resellers are ready to answer any and all questions from their customers. And at V1 VoIP, we believe your success is what makes us a success so we arm you with the knowledge to make that sale. Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now for more information.

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