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Resellers Switch Business Customers to Hosted V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP resellers know that each and every business has different telecommunications priorities to consider. Some use the phone every day all day long while others simply need a phone number and to make sure it rings. But there are generally a few pieces of advice when it comes to convincing your prospective business customers to switch to V1 VoIP hosted services and solutions.

Saving Money
A lower business phone bill is a virtue that will appeal to business people in all roles. But resellers do more than simply say that VoIP service are cheaper. Our resellers will go the extra mile to show a customer their current bill and calculate figures that definitively show how hosted VoIP will save your company money. By generating a report that calculates how much your business will save per month and per year. Then contrast the cost of individual features compared to your current phone system.

Old Phone Issues
If a customer is in the market for a new phone system, chances are there’s something that annoys them about thier current PBX. Perhaps the current system is dropping calls or maybe it’s a pain to route a new line every time your expanding business adds a new employee. Whatever the major pain points are, make sure they’re addressed by the hosted VoIP solution you intend on pitching to your teammates.

Plenty of Features
Of course your proposed hosted VoIP system should be able to handle everything your old system took care of. But with so many astute features on the market, you shouldn’t just be pitching the same old same old. Take a new feature from your proposed hosted VoIP system and show how it can help your company do business. Whether it’s instant video calls or CRM integration, make your teammates see how your new system is ahead of the curve. Need ideas? Here’s a list of the latest integrated telephone system features.

V1 VoIP Hosted Benefits
It never hurts for resellers to compile all of the reasons a business should want V1 VoIP hosted services onto a single paged report. This condenses all of the diverse information into an easy to read summary that lays out what exactly the new system can do for the business. This will relay the confidence our resellers have that a V1 VoIP hosted system is right for your customers.

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V1 VoIP Explains Sales Strategy for White Label Resellers

V1 VoIP explains how white label resellers can pick a strategy to target markets of business for their reseller business

Now that you have become a white label reseller of V1 VoIP’s extensive suite of services and solutions, you are ready to get out there and sell. Now that small and medium size businesses can afford these high-tech services all of them want to upgrade their current business communication system. Now is a really great time to resell white labeled V1 VoIP services and solutions.

Target Your Market
As a V1 VoIP white label reseller, you need to decide where to focus your sales efforts. Businesses and residences are not going to simply contact you, so you need to be proactive go out and get them.

If you’re going to be primarily marketing to both small and mid-sized businesses in your area, there are many options when it comes to selecting the criteria that will allow you to find the particular niche you want to target. Do you want to specifically cater to only smaller businesses? Or are you interested in helping any business that’s interested in signing up for high-tech VoIP services? It’s worth the time to figure this out so you can create a strategy for contacting them and creating your sales pitch.

With V1 VoIP’s extensive selection of services and solutions at your disposal, you will be able to streamline small business communications and make them more effective for business owners. Plus every company will love hearing how much money switching to VoIP will save them.

Create a Sales Strategy
Creating a strategy for reselling V1 VoIP services is a key to your success. You can start by making a list of the criteria you have set in place so you can start successfully reaching out to the target market which you choose. This is an essential part of being and staying organized. Once you’ve figured out exactly who your target market is, then you can start putting a focus on how you’re going to best deliver your message.

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Resellers Save Businesses Money with V1 VoIP

One reason V1 VoIP resellers see hesitation in business customers investing in a new IP phone system, is they do not want to spend money on phone systems when they are currently working. The problem with this thought process is business owners are wrong. They think their phones are working and worse, they think they working at an optimized level.

Here are several ways a V1 VoIP reseller can convince a business owner that making the switch to VoIP services and solutions can save them money.

1. VoIP is cheaper than landlines.
Looking at only inbound and outbound calling alone, VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional phone calling, and that is before all the other features and enhancements VoIP offers. Instead of being charged one rate to long distance here and another for long distance there, VoIP services are offered at a flat rate. Once businesses make the switch to V1 VoIP, they will see their monthly savings begin to add up immediately in calls alone.

2. Awesome Features
Speaking of those features and enhancements, V1 VoIP services can streamline communications so a business can run smoother, faster, and with a more unifies mobile workforce. And did we mention for less money?

V1 VoIP offers the amenities businesses need to remain competitive like simaltaneous calls, call forwarding, text to voice mails, music on hold, eFax, call forwarding to mobile phones and so much more.

3. Future hardware costs.
Those phones you think are working fine are actually dinosaurs. Technicians to service them will become increasingly hard to find as eveyone is now being trained to service new VoIP technology. Ones who can service this outdated hardware will become more expensive, and that’s before you get to the actual phone parts, which are no longer being made. By contrast, VoIP hardware requires less maintenance, which in turn means cheaper prices in the long run.

4. Get Mobile!
VoIP technology is great for companies with remote workers. Office extensions can be programmed to ring on any Internet-enabled devices, including home phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If a company has several remote workers who prefer to use smartphones or other mobile devices as the main method of communication, then V1 VoIP services will unify them regardless of where they are.

V1 VoIP resellers understand a business owner’s hesitation about switching to VoIP for moneyary reasons. But they also understand how V1 VoIP will save them money. Contact us now to become a V1 VoIP reseller today or sign up now and begin saving others money now.


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