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Turnkey V1 VoIP Reseller Services for SMBs

Now that the costs for small and medium sized businesses having access to turnkey VoIP services, even the smallest sized company owner can now afford to integrate turnkey VoIP services into their business. For those now looking to making the jump to turnkey VoIP services, V1 VoIP is here and ready to answer your questions about this state of the art technology.

My phones work fine. Why should I switch to VoIP?
Your phones might be functional, yes, but you are missing out on the opportunities to make them better.
There are so many benefits to upgrading your communication system from one that uses a limited landline to one that uses VoIP technology. The big one is, it will save you money to do this month over moth. Beyond that, you’ll have features that will make your company more efficient, and the ability to create a truly mobile workforce.

Ok. I will switch. Then what?
VoIP technology uses the internet to connect your phones, so you can expect much faster and much clearer telephone calls and connections. The main factors that are going to make a difference in the quality of VoIP services include how much bandwidth is available and how strong the overall internet connection is.

If it uses the Internet, what happens if the Internet goes down or the power goes out?
While you won’t be able to use the Internet, VoIP has fail over methods in place. The most popular one is call forwarding to your cellular phone. Your customers won’t know the difference and you can go on conducting business as usual.

When it comes to finding the turnkey VoIP services that business owners are actively seeking these days, they’re going to want to find one who knows everything there is to know about VoIP technology.

Upgrading a business’s communication platform isn’t something that is done very often, and because unified communications are so essential in today’s competitive world of business, owners and IT directors want to make sure that it’s done right. V1 VoIP knows how to provide the personal service that so many small and medium-sized business owners are looking for because they want this individualized attention.

Before contacting a V1 VoIP reseller in order to sign up for the turnkey VoIP services that can take any business to a whole new level, it’s a good idea to first make a list of things to discuss. These include:
* Costs
* Domestic and international rates
* Customer service and technical support

Want to get started with V1 VoIP’s turnkey services for small to medium size businesses? Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today!

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