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Why Small Businesses Have Not Switched to VoIP

Are you a VoIP reseller experiencing resistance from potential small business customers about switching to VoIP services and solutions? V1 VoIP has figured out why these customers are hesitant:

1. They don’t understand how VoIP works.
If a person isn’t the most tech savvy, VoIP seems like a very intimidating concept. As a reseller, it is your job to teach business owners, even in the most simplistic way, to understand that by their not making this update, they are allowing their competition to have the upper hand.

2. They think VoIP is really expensive.
VoIP technology and cloud communication services have lowered in price so much over the past years that any business owner can now afford to upgrade their outdated landline based business communication system. Not only that, but almost immediatly VoIP services will begin SAVING them money.

3. They think their phones work fine.
You will run into the adage, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it quite a lot. What most business owners fail to understand is that landlines are outdated. Their phones will be more expensive to service and fix, if they even can be fixed. This will end up costing them more in the long run.

4. They don’t understand they are losing a competitive edge.
If a business is not utilizing VoIP services, their competition probably is and they are therefore losing out to them because of the way VoIP and cloud services are changing the way business is done today. V1 VoIP can offer a business so many more options when it comes to adding value to a business, the ability to effectively compete with even the big businesses. Here are only a few ways how:

Cloud Options: Cloud hosted services offers faster service and includes more security options.
Mobile Workforce: The ability for employees to work when not in the office by using their own Smartphone or tablet is becoming more popular each and every day.
Video Conferences: Connecting with employees who work remotely, and others, is easy to do using video conferencing capabilities. This also means you’re no longer limited to hiring local people.

So, want to resell cloud VoIP services? If you feel that this reselling opportunity is one that you can benefit from, we would love to hear from you! Because predictions are telling us that the

Small and medium-sized business owners who still haven’t signed up for VoIP technology and cloud communication services will do you sell in the next 2 to 3 years, so be sure not to wait too long. Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now to start reselling services and solutions to these small businesses in need!!!

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V1 VoIP New Resellers Get Focused

V1 VoIP offers tips to new resellers including focus on one product service or solution to become an expert

If you’re someone who’s truly interested in helping both small and medium-sized business owners take their communication system to another whole level, then reselling V1 VoIP services is a great reselling opportunity for you. No matter who is in need of important VoIP information, once you decide to resell VoIP services it’s up to you to get the results you’re looking for. Especially when it comes to running a successful VoIP reselling business.

One sector resellers forget about… new busineses! These are companies that have not even set up their communications yet. These business owners are looking for how VoIP technology can help them effectively compete with all of the other businesses that are included within their chosen niche. Many businesses have been using the same old landline-based communication system for years. It means the communications systems they are using are dinosaurs. These business owners are going to need specifics on why they need upgrade their communication system to one that now utilizes VoIP technology.

For V1 VoIP’s new resellers, the number one tip we tell our resellers is to focus!
Initially, center your focus on businesses around you and maybe even a certain product. When you can offer a service customers need, such as origination services, you can be seen as the authority on it. Once you have them on your hook, other services such as toll free calling and even hosted PBX systems can become easy.

V1 VoIP resellers care about their customers which is why they offer customers the services and solutions they need which save them money as well. If reselling V1 VoIP services sounds like something you’d be interested in, then it’s definitely worth your time looking into what you need to do in order to resell beneficial VoIP systems. At v1 VoIP, we know what you need to do to be successful in the reselling world and can offer you the best VoIP resources and support that’s available.

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