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V1 VoIP Origination and DIDs for Resellers

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V1 VoIP gives VoIP origination resellers the ability to select and provision local DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) terminated to their VOIP gateways anywhere in the world. With V1 VoIP solutions, resellers can establish multiples POPs (points of presence) with calls originated from over 5,000 rate centers in the USA and major markets. V1 VoIP inbound DID service is an innovative solution for calling card companies, conferencing service providers, call center operators, voice portals, and other businesses that need local phone numbers in many markets across North America.

Local DID services leverage V1 VoIP’s and our partner’s PSTN capabilities while giving customers the control they need to create new products and services through SIP / VoIP. While doing so interconnection expenses are reduced over comparable traditional services while allowing for additional network redundancy over having one single PSTN interconnection point.

V1 VoIP also has disaster relief covered. Our origination call solutions allow for simple disaster recovery, when a gateway fails or Internet connectivity solutions are not working, a DID or Toll Free number can be routed to a secondary gateway within minutes.

V1 VoIP origination carrier services for resellers include the following:

Toll Free DID inbound coverage includes:
* US 48 states, US 48 + Canada, US 50 states + Canada.

DID origination product pricing options:
* Per minute incoming usage based (unlimited channel incoming)
* Session or Simultaneous call based (no per minute usage charges) monthly recurring charge for DID from eligible rate centers only
* Virtual PRI in major markets (price per 23 channels)

Toll Free Origination product pricing options:
* Toll Free to SIP Origination pricing based on the originating area code (npa nxx)
* Toll Free to SIP on a flat rate

Contact V1 VoIP today to find out more about our origination carrier services and DID provisioning.

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V1 VoIP Explains Voicemail to Email

V1 VoIP explains the popular hosted feature of voicemail to email

In this area of text messaging, how often do you really check your voicemail? Isn’t it easier to see a text or a missed call notification on your mobile? At work, do you check your voicemail as often as your email? Probably not. This is why V1 VoIP finds that the voicemail to email feature has become so popular.

Voicemail to Email means that a VoIP phone system records a voicemail as an audio file and then sends it to an email address. The recipient is then able to download the file right from their email and play it using a media player on their smart phone or PC. The most commonly used files to do so are .mpg and .wav format.

The American workforce has become increasingly mobile. If you are out of the office, say at a client meeting or working from home, a great benefit of voicemail to email is that you can receive voicemail notifications at any place, any time. This way you can always make sure that you get that important voicemail, even if you are away from your desk.

If you are interested in V1 VoIP’s voicemail to email feature, we invite you to find out about this and many more of our popular features with a free tour.

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Small Businesses Spending on VoIP Telephony

V1 VoIP resellers show small business voip services very popular

Digital voice service has been a popular form of VoIP, and home offices and small offices continue to adopt the service. Small businesses and work-at-home businesses (1 to 4 employees) will continue to be a growth engine for broadband telephony services, a new study says, with a forecast of 83 percent growth through 2015.

Broadband VoIP telephony offers advantages for small businesses; primary among them is the low monthly service fee and negligible costs for long distance. It does not, however, provide the scalability associated with hosted and IP PBX solutions. It also does not typically come with the service level agreements (SLAs) and quality-of-service (QoS) afforded by other solutions, which are general requirements for enterprise and medium sized businesses

Forecasts are also broken down further into the following vertical markets:

* Administrative and support services, waste management
* Arts and entertainment
* Construction
* Education
* Finance and insurance
* Forestry, fishing, and agricultural services
* Government
* Healthcare and social services
* Hospitality and food
* Information and communication
* Management of companies and enterprises
* Manufacturing
* Mining
* Other services
* Professional services
* Real estate
* Retail trade
* Transportation
* Utilities
* Wholesale trade

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Best V1 VoIP Features for Reseller SMB Customers

Since the cost of upgrading communications to VoIP services in a company have become afforadable, small and medium-sized businesses are starting benefitting from these high-tech services and solutions. If a business wants to compete in today’s corporate world, it’s crucial for them to have the technology to allow them to compete. Especially when it comes to telecommunications. There is simply no reason for them to continue using outdated phone services. This is why they turn to V1 VoIP resellers.

Being a V1 VoIP reseller means understanding your customers and what they need. With telecommunications, it’s essential that every reseller’s end user customer understand how VoIP will fit into their small business communications plan and the benefits that come along with it. It’s these features that will allow a company to run much more smoothly, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively.

Depending on what type of business a reseller is talking to–a law firm has different needs than a digital marketing company–a customer will need different features. But regardless of company type, the following are the features V1 VoIP resellers say customer request most frequently.

Auto Attendant
Auto attendant allows a business to program their VoIP telephone system so that anyone who calls the company receives a professional greeting, allowing callers to view the business as professional.

Priority Alert
Priority alert ensures no important telephone calls are ever missed. It allows a user to enter specific criteria into the system that tells it to complete a particular action, like creating a certain ring tone or pattern when this criteria has been met.

Do Not Disturb
This gives ability to block calls when they’re busy with customers so there are no interruptions when on a can’t miss call.

V1 VoIP resellers know how to give their small and medium business customers the telecommunications features they need. If you would like to become a V1 VoIP reseller or learn more about the features we can offer your existing clients, contact us today.

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