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Need a Receptionist? Try a V1 VoIP Auto Attendant

V1 VoIP replaces need for receptionist with auto attendant for business inbound call routing

For some small businesses, affording the salary of a receptionist is a lot of overhead. Especially if all you need is someone to answer phones and connect the caller to the proper extension. If this sounds like you, then you need the V1 VoIP auto attendant! The V1 VoIP auto attendant allows inbound callers to be transferred to extensions or groups without the help of an operator or receptionist. It acts as your own virtual receptionist, helping you to enhance your business image with each and every call.

Beyond simply transferring your customers’ calls, auto attendants can also be helpful to your business in a number of other ways. Our auto attendants can be fully customized with your own announcements, a great way to broadcast special promotions or other information to your customers from price changes and holiday specials to office hours and highlighted specials. Getting a very common support question? Add an announcement that explains how to solve it in your support queue. The possibilities are endless.

The auto attendant can include a dial by name directory, which is a perfect for your callers who know names but not extensions. All they have to do is begin to spell a name via the touch-tones, and your auto attendant will immediately patch them through to the person they’re trying to reach.

Together with business hours preferences, the auto attendant ensures that all your important calls are taken care of because V1 VoIP auto attendents can set up behaviors differently based on the time of day. On Monday at 10:00 am, inbound calls can be routed to your employees at their desks first. However, at 10:00 on Sunday, the ‘Closed’ auto attendant might automatically route the calls to voicemail or even an external device like a mobile phone.

Direct your customers calls automatically to where they need to go. Contact V1 VoIP today for more information about our auto attendant.

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