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Want to Save Your Business Money Switch to V1 VoIP

The easiest way to save your business money is to make the switch to V1 VoIP services. This simple step will save money both in direct and indirect ways and offer greater professional advantages in this competitive environment. Switching to V1 VoIP services and solutions does not require a huge up front investment, and the money you save will only continue to add up as time goes on.

Immediate Ways V1 VoIP Save a Business Money
With traditional phone services, a company has to invest in business phones and PBX hardware. These one time expenses are generally amortized over a number of years. Instead of huge costs of PBX hardware installations, with V1 VoIP’s hosted solutions, new expenditures essentially amount to zero, because all it requires is a capable internet connection.

V1 VoIP usage fees are also significantly less since most vendors offer unlimited long distance calling within the United States and Canada which account for the bulk of most phone calls. Our hosted VoIP services are flat rate cost per month with all expenses included.

Over Time Ways V1 VoIP Save a Business Money
Want to take your desk strapped employees and create a truly mobile workforce? V1 VoIP enables your employees to take phone calls regardless of their locations. This allows them to work from home, work on the road, or anywhere they can be productive.

Even if a company does not utilize any advanced VoIP features, it will save a company money, but why would you not want to partake of features like conference calling, instant video calling, and simulring. Now staff can collaborate on projects without having to travel, saving on travel expenses, and freeing up valuable employee time.

How much money a company spends and can potentially save can have long-term consequences for the growth and profitability. The difference in costs alone between a traditional phone service and implementing V1 VoIP services are substantial. Don’t wait any longer to make the switch to cost saving V1 VoIP services. Sign up now.

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V1 VoIP Services Can Benefit Your Business

V1 VoIP resellers offer services and solutions that benefit businesses like flexibility and scalability

In the world of business communications, VoIP has been a revolutionary technology, revitalizing the way we interact that needed to update with the changing world. VoIP uses your existing internet connection to power your phone calls in place of traditional analogue phone systems. When a V1 VoIP reseller offers a business V1 VoIP services and solutions, the benefits for the business are substantial. By utilizing V1 VoIP services and solutions, a business becomes enabled to take advantage of these benefits by making the switch to VoIP from analogue phone systems.

Here V1 VoIP explains the benefits of utilizing our services and solutions:

The Bottom Line
Historically, traditional phone systems have come with the cost of line rental for the physical phone lines that are used to provide you with the service. V1 VoIP doesn’t rely on phone lines because it is powered using your existing internet connection. At the most basic level, all you need is a phone and an internet connection to get started with making and receiving calls. Depending on the size of your business, one or more phones lines may have been required to provide the desired service. After that, the physical system itself would have needed installing with costs for the hardware and installation work itself. With V1 VoIP, setup costs are greatly decreased.

Today’s business environment has changed so much from only a few decades ago and that change requires flexibility. Remote working, periods out of office, and mobile technology have fundamentally changed how business is done on a day to day basis. Communication is of fundamental importance in business, so the changing environment has altered the requirements organisations have for their communications service.

V1 VoIP services offer complete flexibility to the business user because configuring your communications can be done online, generally through an administrative control panel. Do you want to redirect calls to your mobile while you are out of office for the afternoon? You can do it in seconds. Need to reassign phone numbers to other employees? You can easily take care of it yourself. Want to get your voicemails from your mobile and your landline in one place? No problem.

Hopefully, your business is going to be a success which requires growth, and growth means needing more phones for your expanding team. V1 VoIP allows businesses to easily scale their communications. The capacity of traditional analogue phone systems for phone numbers and users was reliant on the physical hardware of the system. If the number of phones that you needed jumped above what your hardware was capable of, you either had to upgrade your existing system, or install a new one. Never mind the expense of this undertaking, it almost assuredly meant that new members to your team would be without a direct phone number for a period of time.

With V1 VoIP services, as long as your internet connection is powerful enough to support additional users, all you have to do is get the additional phones you need, with no systems installations required. This is because your phone system, known as an IP PBX is hosted in the cloud. There is plenty of other hard work to be done. Getting the necessary phone numbers and handsets set up for people so that they can do their job should be easy. With VoIP, it really is easy.

As a business, you should expect more from the services your landline communications are offering. V1 VoIP resellers know that when you sign up for our services and solutions, we offer real, tangible benefits and features while lowering your bottom line. Find out more what V1 VoIP can do for your business today. Contact V1 VoIP today to get your business in the modern communication age.

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