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V1 VoIP Selling Points for Reseller Customers

V1 VoIP offers resellers a turnkey VoIP solution. The only thing they need to grow their VoIP businessand make more money is to sell, sell, sell! Advising a customer to replace their existing phone service with VoIP is becoming so easy. Increasing their call quality while saving them money makes the switch an easy sell in itself!

Do you want more ways to sway your prospective VoIP customers to make the switch to VoIP? Here are some more key V1 VoIP selling points:

1. “My business is not big enough for VoIP”
Many businesses, smaller ones and start ups specifically, think VoIP has something to do with the size of a company or their notoriety in the marketplace. They are wrong. VoIP turns voice information and data into digital information that’s transmitted in the same format as information that passes over the Internet (VoIP includes other packet-switched networks besides the Internet). It has become a standard technology for large companies and is increasingly becoming one for small businesses. Besides, what start up company doesn’t want to hear “This will save you money”?

2. It’s impossible to reach a real person.
How much business can a company lose when a potential customer calls and gets lost in an endless loop of voice-mail options? (“Press 1 if you’re sick of wasting time and want to reach an actual human being.”) With VoIP, key contacts can be literally a call away, no matter where they are.

3. They think “unified communications” means everyone is talking at the same time.
Unified communications (UC) means bringing your entire communication system together. VoIP can provide UC, integrating voice (both landline and mobile), email, instant messages and conferencing. By combining voice and data, you can also allocate bandwidth based on varying traffic requirements, which can improve productivity and lower costs. Having all communication over one network is more efficient and eliminates duplication of wiring and switching equipment

4. Clients think they only need voicemail.
VoIP is feature-rich and user-friendly. There’s no complicated programming with VoIP, so trained technicians are not needed. Users can access all features using a PC-based application. In addition, system administration can be handled through a standard browser.

5. The client’s PBX lease is up.
So why would they want to spend even more money in outdated technology? Clients will likely find it increasingly difficult to purchase parts for their system and maintain it, and their monthly usage charges are probably higher than they should be. Outdated PBX systems will have to be replaced sooner or later, so why not replace it now?

Look, customers can wait for their phone systems to crash and burn. Or you can take advantage of the latest technology that’s available today and create a competitive advantage for their company, not to mention cut down on their monthly bills. Tell your clients its time to make the switch to V1 VoIP today!

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