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V1 VoIP’s List of Mandatory Business Phone Features

What functionality do I need in my phone system? Figuring out costs, technical jargon, and PBX add-ons can leave a business owner feeling confused about what features they really need for their office experience. V1 VoIP offers a list of business phone service VoIP features that should be mandatory.

Dial Tone Reliability
Having a dial tone is a necessity, but often times, companies forget to make sure it’s a reliable too. V1 VoIP has invested heavily in our infrastructure, has trusted customers and a good reputation. We make sure you will always hear that dial tone.

Self-Provisioning Phones
Don’t wait for an engineer’s lengthy installation, you can have phones that work instantly as soon as they’re plugged in with a broadband connection and power cord. This gives you the simplicity of a traditional home phone with a 21st century flexibility of being able to work anywhere.

Call Forwarding
You don’t want to ever miss that important phone call and now you don’t have to. If you’re ever away from the desk, your phone calls can be routed to the place of your choice. Maybe it’s to your mobile, your voicemail or even to a different employee. Being able to forward them with one click will mean you’ll never miss another call.

Voicemail to Email
Most landline services only inform you that you’ve a voicemail once you’re out back at your phone. But now those voicemails you can’t miss can be delivered to you via email and you will receive an instant notification to your cellular phone.

Fax to Email
V1 VoIP allows you to send and receive faxes by email will not only give you more efficiency in your organization but also removes line rental fees. If you have sensitive information in faxes, a virtual fax service will mean you won’t leave that confidential piece of paper sitting on the machine as it will be in your protected inbox. Find out more about V1 VoIP’s fax to email service here.

Virtual Receptionist
A virtual receptionist does help direct callers to the right department in the quickest time possible. An IVR or virtual receptionist will give your business a professional impression. For added effectiveness look for time of day routing options that only send calls to you during work hours and go to voicemail out of hours.

Call Log and Real Time Call History
Being able to access a call log directly from your phone can help find any missed calls, recent dials or last incoming calls. This is important for adding customer’s numbers to your CRM or for doing call backs. When you’re looking to do more analysis on the number of calls you receive, look to a service that offers you a raw CSV of your call history for monitoring how busy your staff have been and the costs you’ve incurred.

Call Transfer
Transferring a call to the correct department or the right person can save precious time for both the employee and the caller. It avoids walking from one end of the office to another to pick up a call. Look for the ability to make supervised and blind transfers depending on your business needs.

V1 VoIP offers all of these business phone service features and more like ring groups, music on hold, conference calls and even more. We make sure we check all the boxes so customers get a great phone system that no business can live without.

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Features V1 VoIP SMB Resellers Love

V1 VoIP service features that resellers use to resell small nd medium businesses SMB

Everyone knows that a VoIP phone system vastly eliminates the need for a traditional one. Beyond saving a business owner money month over month, it’s the features they come to love more than anything. Depending on the type of business, there are certain features that a reseller will play up, such as conference bridges to law offices. But often times it’s the basic features that are needed the most an therefore the most loved!

Here are a few VoIP features resellers will show SMBs which can make businesses run more efficiently:

Voicemail to Email
Should you ever encounter a situation in which you’re away from your phone platform, voicemail to email can play your messages on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Want to access your voicemail when you’re away from your phone system? Voicemail to email is not only a great way to keep up with your incoming messages, but also serves as a perfect archival tool so you know who called and when.

Find Me Follow Me
The Find Me Follow Me feature enables employees to work anywhere they please while still keeping them tethered to their office phone system. If you or your employees work from home or travel frequently, Find Me Follow Me embodies the flexibility to let an employee work away from the office and still receive phone calls. When the phone rings at your office phone, if you do not pick up, the phone call fails over to another phone such as a mobile phone or home office, and then keeps failing over to successive phones until the call is either answered, or it reaches the end of the line, at which point the call is normally transferred to voicemail.

Bring Your Own Device
V1 VoIP is device agnostic, which means we do not mandate a customer needs to buy a certain kind of phone. This not only expands your phone options significantly but also guards against monetary loss should you decide to switch services. Be wary of those that mandate you to buy IP phones that only work with their phone systems or build it into their own bill. As a BYOD provider, we allow you to purchase whatever sort of phones fit your business’s needs.

SIP Alias
SIP Alias is a perfect solution for employees which wear many hats and are require to talk to a range of customers. Someone who works both Sales and Support can receive calls from ‘Sales’ and ‘Support’ lines, so they know what the incoming call will be focusing on. This gives employees a way to screen calls, so they can differentiate between internal extension dialed calls, and calls that come from separate outside lines.

There are so many other features our resellers can help businesses use to run more efficiently and cost effectively! Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about them!

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