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Five more Awesome V1 VoIP Webphone Features

Did you read our previous post about amazing webphone features After you hit that up, we have five more amazing features that help businesses with their calling needs that webphones provide.

1. Call Transfering
A business-grade webphone can transfer a call to another extension, a ring group, or an outside line.

2. Three-Way Conferencing
Want to have a third person join the phone call? Not all webphones can do three way conferencing, which differs from a conference bridge or conference suite. 3-way conferencing is the ability to invite multiple callers to engage in a call with a single user, whereas a conference bridge is a separate extension that all callers dial in to join the call.

3. DTMF (Dialpad)
The dialpad is an important feature when dealing with phone menus or entering conference PINs. Many webphones feature a dialpad as the main interface for initiating calls, but others do away with it in favor of a more ‘modern’ look.

4. Video Calling
Do you love facetime? Then you will love the video calling feature which allows employees working remotely or in different offices to see each other in person using their computer’s webcam. A webphone app allows users to enable or disable their video feed at any time during the call and distinguish between these two types of calls in the user interface, and

5. Volume Control & Mute
When you are a mobile worker on the road, you can’t guarantee the background of your location. This is why volume control and mute functions are must-haves. When your background gets loud this feature allows you to stop sending your audio feed to the other callers on the line.

Webphone features don’t end here. These devices offer a wealth of features that can aid businesses in their day-to-day business dealings and make an office run more functionally as a result. To learn more about webphones and which one might be right for your company, contact V1 VoIP or sign up now today.

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Five Must Have Webphone Features for Businesses

Want to replace your desk phone for the newest technology? Then you have to look into V1 VoIP websphones! Webphones are just as they sound–phones phones powered by web-based applications. In this technologically advancing field, webphones are beginning to supplant and even replace desk phones altogether. Webphones are web-based applications that allow you to make phone calls directly in your Internet browser. And with features like video calling and live call center reporting, there are many advantages to using a webphone app over a desk phone.

However, not all webphones offer the basic calling features required by most businesses. Some function more like chat apps, or simply provide internal collaboration features like screensharing. In order to replace a desk phone, a webphone app must do more than make calls to and from the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Here five of V1 VoIP’s favorite webphone app features that businesses must have.

1. Call Hold
While putting a caller on hold might sound super simple, it is a critical feature for businesses that receive simultaneous incoming calls. Your webphone app should be able to manage multiple calls easily, and display how long someone has been on hold so you can keep track of which calls need to be addressed first.

2. Real Time Status
For employees who either work in different offices or remotely, it is important to know if that colleague is online or not. Being able to see the real time status on a webphone is a helpful indication of their availability. With real time status presence, a receptionist can check whether an executive is currently available or busy, and a coworker can verify that conference bridge is open before inviting others to a team meeting.

3. Contact Directory
Having a complete directory by name makes it easy to find and reach coworkers, especially if you have several office locations or departments and this is one of the most important business webphone features. Some webphones even allow you to create your own custom contact list from the complete directory, making it convenient to contact the people you work most closely with or most often have to call.

4. Extension Dialing
In addition to being able to call coworkers via a company directory, a business webphone should be able to connect you to coworkers via extension dialing. If you’re used to dialing extensions on your office desk phone, this feature will be very handy as you can initiate a call with a few keystrokes. This feature is especially useful when joining conference bridges, where team members are usually given a four-digit extension to dial.

5. Caller ID
Caller ID is one of the most relied upon features of business phones. Being able to identify your caller can determine how you deal with the call, depending on whether it’s a customer, a client, a sales rep, or your wife calling about dinner.

Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn even more about webphones and whether they can work for your business.

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