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Compete with the Big Boys as V1 VoIP Reseller

With V1 VoIP private label services and solutions you can own your own phone company providing private label dial tone to your end users. This includes any PBX delivering native SIP, PRI or analog all with a feature set far superior to the carriers dial tone.

Virtual DIDs
Want to expand your business? V1 VoIP provides virtual DID phone numbers local and nationwide regardless of location.

Instant Scalability
V1 VoIP enables customers to scale the number of virtual phone lines in increments of one, rather than paying for something they don’t need or won’t use.

Dynamic Line Bursting
During peak hours a business can be at risk of not having enough open phone lines to accommodate increased inbound call activity, resulting in many callers receiving a busy signal. Dynamic Line Bursting allows a customer to ‘burst’ over the total number of virtual phone lines they are subscribed to. This way a customer calling the business will never receive a busy signal.

Disaster Recovery
Whether bad weather or a simple service interruption, V1 VoIP has you covered in the case of an outage. V1 VoIP’s disaster recovery provides continuity of service by systematically re-routing incoming calls to cell phones, voice mail boxes or branch offices.

Whether new to the marketplace or looking to add new services, V1 VoIP can give you the capability to mass market and provide a superior dial tone solution to your existing and future customer base; recurring revenue with margins you set.

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V1 VoIP Wholesale DID Origination Services

V1 VoIP wholesale DID origination services

V1 VoIP offers an amazing wholesale solution for origination carrier services. V1 VoIP wholesale carrier services includes a suite of comprehensive VoIP DID and DDI origination services to carriers, prepaid calling card service providers etc. Services are also rendered to call centers and IP Phone service providers around the world, especially US and Canada.

V1 VoIP offers both local and international virtual numbers to enable a customer to choose numbers from multiple locations around the world. We support SIP protocol for our services.

V1 VoIP wholesale origination carrier services provides you with:
* Inbound origination from multiple market segment
* Reliability of service
* Local Number Portability
* International presence
* Reduces the requirement for Toll Free numbers although the company provides them

V1 VoIP wholesale origination carrier services includes easy to use web-based controls and dashboard permits you to activate numbers nationwide and dynamically route them.

Features you and your customers will love include:
* Reduces traffic management costs
* Accelerates time to market
* Purge additional facility costs in multiple exchange areas
* Dynamic call routing
* All payload sizes

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today and learn more about our incredible wholesale carrier services and what they can do for your VoIP company.

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V1 VoIP is the Right Wholesale VoIP Provider for You

V1 VoIP is high quality wholesale voip provider

Finding the right wholesale VoIP provider is a lot like finding a spouse. You want someone who satisfies the list of what Mr/Mrs Right would have in attributes and also include a certain ‘wow’ factor. That’s why V1 VoIP is the right wholesale VoIP provider for you.

The right VoIP wholesaler will have hardware redundancy. At V1 VoIP we offer high redundant co-resident or hosted servers in remote locations, backup servers in regional offices, load balancing across hubs, redundant network equipment with multiple access paths, software/protocol redundancy, link-layer resiliency and path protection. When V1 VoIP is your wholesaler, you’re going to be redundant.

The right VoIP wholesaler will use Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Because V1 VoIP offers this technology, we allow our carriers and service providers to offer connectivity to multiple customers with many sites. This allows for a much smoother, more efficient data transfer and dynamic load balancing. V1 VoIP wholesale customers will also love our MPLS because of the flexibility it brings to disaster recovery.

The right VoIP wholesaler will offer high call quality. They will meet the challenges of call quality, rates and service ability. V1 VoIP will dazzle you with our call quality.

The right VoIP wholesaler will have designed its VoIP fault procedures to be comparable to the PSTN, especially with respect to the quality standards traditional voice services adhere to. The right VoIP wholesaler will have the best backbone network possible. And they’ll back it up with strong service level agreements (SLAs).

The right VoIP wholesaler will have been in business for many years. This means they’ll have a team of experienced and knowledgeable telecom pros on hand.

V1 VoIP offers all this and so much more to our wholesale customers. Contact V1 VoIP today to take a free demo of all the services and solutions we offer as well as our platform capabilities to see if we are right for you!

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Become a Wholesale Termination Provider with V1 VoIP Soft Switch

become a wholesale termination VoIP provider with the V1 VoIP softswitch

The fastest way to become a wholesale termination VoIP provider is by connecting your own softswitch to the V1 VoIP network. Through V1 VoIP, you can interconnect via most major SIP- compliant soft switches, including Asterisk, Freeswitch, and SER.

V1 VoIP understands the need for a high quality, efficient wholesale call service. To make the configuration and operation of our wholesale services quick and easy we have created our proprietary VoIP Portal which can have you online and offering wholesale usage in minutes.

V1 VoIP is a leading provider of wholesale call termination both domestic in the United States as well as internationally. Through the last decade, we have built strong relationships with many Tier 1 carriers, PTTs, incumbents, and mobile operators around the world. We provide VoIP call termination to small and medium businesses, contact centers, and VoIP service providers.

Millions of minutes per month are terminated through V1 VoIP with some of the world’s largest carriers, using our fully redundant, state-of-the-art softswitches. We offer full A-Z termination with High ASR, Low PDD, and market-leading ACDs. We are able to offer incredibly low prices because of our focus on high volume users and our customer self-service options.

Take a free demo of our wholesale services today. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team now to find out more about our competitive wholesale termination rates and get more information about the V1 VoIP softswitch.

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