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V1 VoIP Wholesale Toll-Free Services and Products

With V1 VoIP, wholesale telecommunication providers can offer cost-effective toll-free services available to their customers, prospects, and partners across the globe.

V1 VoIP wholesale toll-free services are built on our powerful, state-of-the-art IP and converged communications network. Our wholesale toll free customers have no additional equipment to install and manage. This network offers advanced features such as load balancing and intelligent routing, to support large call volumes and peak calling periods, while ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Why does a voice provider want to offer toll free services? Studies show that toll-free numbers drive more calls to a business. Through the use of toll-free numbers, local businesses and global corporations in virtually every industry can improve their accessibility and make it easier for callers to contact them – resulting in expanded reach into new markets, increased sales, and enhanced customer service. This makes toll free numbers an easy sales offering to business customers.

V1 VoIP provides carriers around the globe with efficient, cost-effective direct inward dialing (DID) solutions. V1 VoIP DID services are built on our robust IP and converged communications network, so businesses are guaranteed the highest quality and reliability. Organizations with multiple offices, overseas locations, remote or telecommuting workers, or “virtual” branches can slash phone bills in half, and reduce their overall telecommunication costs. With V1 VoIP DID services, companies can easily establish a presence in multiple locations, or connect two geographically dispersed locations at local rates by instantly creating, setting up, and activating local or international phone numbers.

And, most importantly, our services help dramatically reduce the costs associated with maintaining toll-free numbers. We can dynamically link toll-free numbers to local phone lines, so incoming calls – regardless of where they are placed from – will be billed at a lower local rate, instead of at long distance prices.

Don’t wait any longer to be able to provider wholesale toll free services. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today for information on any of the wholesale products and services offered.

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V1 VoIP Wholesale VoIP Termination

V1 VoIP wholesale termination minutes provider for carriers

When V1 VoIP resellers reach a certain threshold of termination minutes, we recommend that they become wholesalers for VoIP termination usage. As a V1 VoIP wholesale termination provider, carriers deliver reliable long distance connectivity via the T2 IP network to terminate an IP-originated call to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). It enables enhanced service providers to offer long distance VoIP access to residential and commercial customers at wholesale rates.

V1 VoIP termination offers the following benefits to wholesalers:

* Eliminate the need to negotiate with multiple vendors or manage a variety of complex interconnection sites and contracts
Contract terms
* Nationwide interstate and intrastate termination (outbound) service
* Connectivity from an IP network to the PSTN for terminating domestic long distance calls
* Multiple interconnection options — both Session Initiation Protocol (“SIP”) and Time Division Multiplex (“TDM”)
* NPA NXX billing structure which enables aggressive pricing over LATA/OCN models
* All calls billed in six-second increments, with an initial six-second minimum
* Detailed usage reporting (hourly, daily, monthly)
* Transport your end-users’ long distance traffic, both interstate & intrastate, over the high speed T2 Tier 1, 3.2Tbps, MPLS-enabled IP backbone

Don’t wait any longer to start reselling V1 VoIP termination minutes at wholesale pricing! Contact a member of our wholesale team today to find out about our wholesale rates and see if you qualify to become one of our wholesale termination carriers.

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Wholesale VoIP Turnkey V1 VoIP Solutions

As a V1 VoIP wholesale agent, you can provide wholesale turnkey VoIP telephony services and solutions for businesses, residences, call shops, Internet café’s, Internet service providers, and local PC to Phone software or hardware distributors.

V1 VoIP provides our wholesale agents with extremely competitive rates for United States domestic and international calling as well as dial-up and Broadband VoIP Phone products with an ever-expanding variety of calling features. Our fully integrated wholesale program offers you higher commissions, generous discounts, low calling rates, a variety of hardware, and the most advanced management web tools and support available.

For the last decade, V1 VoIP has built a complete line of solutions that allow you to increase your revenue streams, diversify your suite of VoIP product offerings, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our VoIP solutions and services address all types of Internet connections and network connectivity issues in countries around the world. Whether it’s building your own VoIP Call Shop, Calling Card platform or integrating our portfolio of VoIP products, V1 VoIP offers you a world of innovation.

Let us put our decade of experience to work for you. We’ll keep you ahead of the technology game.

Just a few benefits to V1 VoIP wholesalers:
* Low VoIP rates plus high commissions
* Advanced management tools
* Real time billing software
* Fully branded end User interface
* Wide variety of VoIP hardware
* 24/7 Support

Take a free demo of everything V1 VoIP wholesale agents have at their disposal and check out our platform. Please contact us for a free look around at what V1 VoIP wholesalers are accomplishing.

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V1 VoIP Volume Wholesale Opportunities

v1 voip volume wholesale opportunities

If you want to be a VoIP reseller, there’s no shortage of opportunities. But to become a VoIP wholesaler, you need the right provider to give you the carrier services you need at the volumes you demand. Look no further than V1 VoIP.

Recent reports show that VoIP is growing into a $40 billion a year industry. But as competition heats up, and PBX prices decline, many resellers are seeking new ways to win customers — and revenue. V1 VoIP understands this as more and more of our resellers are qualifying for the volume discounts of wholesale agents. These premiere resellers receive discounts on their origination, termination and other services as the sheer numbers of minutes their customers use warrant it.

Big Opportunities from Small Businesses
No longer reserved for deep-pocketed enterprises, VoIP solutions are now becoming increasingly user-friendly and cost-effective for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Prospective VoIP wholesalers would be wise to reach out to these potential customers, as the number of minutes used by these organizations are also on the rise. They have different needs for their businesses and they’re looking for ways to improve productivity. V1 VoIP wholesale agents are there to meet their demands.

From SIP and toll free to basic phone service, V1 VoIP wholesale agents are reaching out to businesses and seeing the volume of minutes used rising from different avenues. We’re proud to help these resellers become wholesalers and feel that their success is our success as well.

To find out more if you quality for V1 VoIP wholesale status, contact a member of our wholesale team today and learn about our competitive wholesale rates.

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