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V1 VoIP Simple DID Number Porting

Porting numbers is one of the most popularly requested services that V1 VoIP provides. We strive to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. Here is some basic information and answers to questions we get at V1 VoIP about our DID number porting and the process.

V1 VoIP can port numbers from almost all telephone line types – PSTN (standard phone lines), ISDN , Virtual Lines, and you can even port your Fax number.

If you have DSL Broadband then you will need to get this Broadband removed from the line before you submit a number port request, as your phone line will cease working when your number has been ported over, so you wouldn’t have use of your Broadband then anyway.

You can also port your number to V1 VoIP if it is an ISDN line regardless if i is high speed or basic rate. An ISDN line is a pair of two telephone numbers together on one phone line. V1 VoIP can port both types of ISDN lines, but we must port both numbers from the pair together at the one time. All phone numbers on the one phone line must be ported together.

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