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V1 VoIP Reseller White Label Solutions

V1 voip white label solution benefits

For VoIP resellers looking to protect their customer base and get fast to market with low capital expenditure, V1 VoIP offers a complete white label partner solution.

With V1 VoIP’s white label reseller program, our resellers maintain control of their traffic and generate higher ARPU by meeting the demand for “always on” international, long-distance and domestic voice, SMS and Instant Messaging services. White label partners receive a complete clone of V1 VoIP’s services to their customers, offering them under their own brand and network.

The V1 VoIP’s white label reseller program allows for VoIP providers of all kinds to offer fully branded white label VoIP solutions and services.

Direct Dial / PIN less Account: This is the most commonly used service White Label Partners employ. A spin on the classic dial through service, but no PIN’s!

Wholesale Termination: Excellent quality, premium routes, stability at its finest, wholesale termination provided through the V1 VoIP White Label reseller program sells and makes easy money with high profitability.

Calling Cards: The classic dial through service. International rates are provided through one of our channel partners.

VoIP Sub-Resellers: Create resellers to resell your services… even wholesale termination service!

PBX Billing: Bill enterprise customers from the same space as your calling cards, international speed dial and other customers.

Residential VoIP: From your White Label Space, you can manage, control and create residential VoIP customers

Online Sign up / Long Distance Account: Potential clients can sign up online, purchase credit, and enjoy your services.

Tap into the explosive growth and demand for “rich voice” communications, and pass on all the great benefits of our award winning app and reliable service to your customers in an easy to use, turnkey solution. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today and unlock your white label reseller potential!

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