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V1 VoIP Wholesale DID Origination Services

V1 VoIP wholesale DID origination services

V1 VoIP offers an amazing wholesale solution for origination carrier services. V1 VoIP wholesale carrier services includes a suite of comprehensive VoIP DID and DDI origination services to carriers, prepaid calling card service providers etc. Services are also rendered to call centers and IP Phone service providers around the world, especially US and Canada.

V1 VoIP offers both local and international virtual numbers to enable a customer to choose numbers from multiple locations around the world. We support SIP protocol for our services.

V1 VoIP wholesale origination carrier services provides you with:
* Inbound origination from multiple market segment
* Reliability of service
* Local Number Portability
* International presence
* Reduces the requirement for Toll Free numbers although the company provides them

V1 VoIP wholesale origination carrier services includes easy to use web-based controls and dashboard permits you to activate numbers nationwide and dynamically route them.

Features you and your customers will love include:
* Reduces traffic management costs
* Accelerates time to market
* Purge additional facility costs in multiple exchange areas
* Dynamic call routing
* All payload sizes

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today and learn more about our incredible wholesale carrier services and what they can do for your VoIP company.

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