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V1 VOIP SIP Trunking Services and Solutions for Business

V1 VoIP offers wholesalers and resellers SIP trunking services and solutions for business

Saving money is the bottom line for any successful company and V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk services and solutions can help a company get there. V1 VoIP SIP trunk services consolidates a company’s communication tools by eliminating individual telephone circuits in multiple locations. With no expensive infrastructure to build, manage and maintain, V1 VoIP resellers see SIP trunking as a way to build customer relationships and promote their own brand. V1 VoIP resellers and wholesalers are also assured of recurring profit margins as well as improved and increased inter-connectivity. This results in a reduction of hardware costs, even if a business has a multi-site landscape.

With SIP trunking an employee uses the company’s PBX system to route calls through the IP network of the SIP trunk service provider. When the call reaches its destination point, it drops back to the public switched telephone network or PSTN and the recipient at the other end of the line receives the call. This call is not charged any extra fees except the contracted fixed monthly fee the service provider charges.

The benefits of utilizing V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk service are the advanced features your reseller customers want. V1 VoIP resellers are able to offer their customers an array of functional features and applications for business customers they are demanding, including unlimited local and long distance calls, teleconferencing, call forwarding, caller ID and many more. SIP trunks are better than the traditional company IP phone networks because they enable people to communicate both within and outside the enterprise.

Looking for a fully branded solution? V1 VoIP offers fully branded white label SIP trunking services and solutions. This will converge both data and voice into a single platform, effectively interfacing a hosted or premise-based PBX phone system in an IP environment.

Whether you’re an end user, a reseller or a wholesaler, V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk services and solutions can help you take business to the next level. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today or sign up now to start utilizing SIP trunking services and solutions.

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V1 VoIP US SIP Trunking Service

V1 VoIP provides US Sip trunking services and solutionsWhen it comes to SIP Trunking, V1 VoIP has your US domestic voice usage covered. V1 VoIP provides high quality, aggressively priced long distance termination to the US. We focus on high ASR and low trouble ticket count. No matter how rural the call, we will get the job done and without cutting corners. While we believe cost is key, V1 VoIP also focuses in on accuracy. Our billing system is bar none and will accommodate a wide variety of formats requested in the industry with high probability we can meet your requirements.

To best suit our resellers, V1 VoIP has designed the industry’s most advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) intelligence, routing to more than 150 direct interconnections. We then boosted performance by developing and deploying our own quality grooming technology.

Our growing team of developers work persistently to refine our services and create better products for V1 VoIP and our partners. Developing our toolset in-house means we have ultimate control over how they work. You will never hear us say “we’ll need to open a ticket with our switch vendor”… because we are the vendor, architect and developer of every service and product we provide our customers.

V1 VoIp offers flexibility to accommodate many billing formats, including LRN, LATA/OCN, fixed price, cost plus or customize a plan to your specific needs. We can also bill jurisdictionally to either interstate, intrastate or local, as well as non-jurisdictionally. Rates changes are infrequent and custom pricing is available based on targets and volumes.

V1 VoIP understands what is important to you – Quality, ASR and cost – and we deliver. The biggest LEC’s and IXC’s in the world already trust V1 VoIP with their traffic. Take the time to find out what we are about and benefit from our experience. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to take advantage of our competitive pricing.

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Wholesale SIP Trunk Reseller Services for SMBs

V1 VoIP offers wholesale sip trunk solutions and services to resellers for small and medium size businesses

If you’re currently interested in becoming a wholesale SIP trunking reseller, V1 VoIP resellers provide SMBs with the SIP trunking services that can help them take their business to a brand new level. In the past the cost of SIP trucking services were considered to too high for the SMBs on a strict communication budget. Now, the costs have lowered, so any business owner is now able to afford to integrate and thus utilize high-tech SIP trunking services. This has made V1 VoIP wholesale SIP trunk resellers very busy!

SIP trunking is a phone service that provides a VoOP connection to a customer’s PBX for the purposes of making and receiving telephone calls over the Internet. SIP trunking replaces analog and PRI phone company lines. It is typically much less expensive than traditional landlines and has more features.

Right now SMBs are actively looking for the best way to create a unified communications system so that their business can run as efficiently as it possibly can.

Because SIP trunking is able to provide business owners with a number of extremely beneficial tools that can allow them to connect various devices within a business, it’s definitely worth their time to check out exactly what SIP trunking can do for them. What these business owners are finding out is that SIP trunking services just may be the perfect solution for them.

V1 VoIP allows SIP trunking through the wholesale channel. Wholesale resellers are based upon coverage, pricing and quality. They then monitor the performance, statistics and costs for each carrier and modify their call routing to provide the highest quality calls. SIP trunking has been deemed to be very reliable, which utilizes cloud technology. When it comes to SIP trunking security, as long as the proper protections are all properly set into place SIP trunking is considered to be extremely secure.

Do you want to become a wholesale SIP trunk reseller? Contact V1 VoIP today with any questions you may have about our SIP trunk services and solutions. We are ready to get you up and running right now!

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