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Add Wholesale Termination To Your Suite of V1 VoIP Services

add termination services to your voip suite of services as a V1 VoIP reseller

When you become a V1 VoIP reseller, you will immediately gain access to our full and complete suite of various VoIP services and solutions. We invite you to take advantage of one of our most popular services because it can earn you exponential profits…wholesale termination!

V1 VoIP wholesale termination is sold as a separate service which offers a lucrative opportunity to small businesses. V1 VoIP wholesale termination is effectively a provision of a route or path through which a call can be sent or transmitted over the internet.

V1 VoIP offers wholesale termination at highly competitive rates. You can become a VoIP wholesale termination agent with only a modest initial payment, typically offset against future traffic consumption. The start up period is brief, requiring sometimes only a few business days. V1 VoIP wholesale termination resellers can purchase voice traffic in minutes, as well as numbers, from V1 VoIP at wholesale rates.

V1 VoIP communication starts with wholesale providers who receive interconnection from countries at negotiated costs based on the amount of anticipated traffic, assessed in minutes, to that country. The rate becomes inversely proportional to the volume, where the more the minutes, the less the rate. After working out a profit margin, V1 VoIP wholesale providers resell VoIP services to other businesses.

Here are a few benefits of adding V1 VoIP’s wholesale termination to your suite of reseller services:
* You require no investment on soft switches and hardware.
* V1 VoIP provides you with excellent voice quality for exponential growth.
* Want to white label? You can run your business selling under its own brand.
* V1 VoIP allows you to fix your own rate for your customers. With reduced overhead, you could be more competitive and offer a price advantage.
* Create a range of plans with differing billing increments.

Don’t wait any longer to add V1 VoIP’s wholesale termination service to your portfolio of VoIP services and solutions. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today.

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