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V1 VoIP Wholesale Origination and Termination

 V1 VoIP offers you the wholesale carrier services of termination and origination that you seek with high volume discounts and a small minimum commitment. V1 VoIP offers everything you need to integrate with our API and use our service for your own company.

No matter what VoIP needs you have, whether they are enterprise business, small business or even residential, we will work with you to find the absolute best solution to meet them.

When it comes to giving you wholesale carrier termination and origination services, the features that V1 VoIP offers cannot be beat. Check out some of the most sought after features by our wholesale agents:

* Control Panel for Complete Automation
* SIP Trunks (Peers) – G.711/ulaw
* CNAM Storage
* CNAM Dips/Lookups (with caching!)
* e911 Service
* Custom Toll-Free Numbers
* Instant DID Number Provisioning
* International Dialing
* US48 Domestic Termination Rate: 1.5¢ a minute
* No Minimum Commitments

Let V1 VoIP know about who your wholesale VoIP clients are and we will do our best to give you the services they need in the way they need them. From wholesale carrier grade termination and origination services to your toll free needs, please contact us with a description of your needs and we will help get you provisioned right away! Ask don’t forget to ask about our competitive rates too!

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V1 VoIP All-in-One Solution for Wholesale Carriers

V1 VoIP offers a high quality robuts flexible turnkey wholesale VoIP solution for carriers

V1 VoIP offers a high quality, robust, flexible and affordable Wholesale VoIP solution to meet the high end requirement of Wholesale VoIP carriers. The V1 VoIP turn-key all-in-one wholesale VoIP solution is specifically developed for enterprises who geared up to offer wholesale business to their clients and want stable, seamless and cost-effective connection to meet their business needs.

V1 VoIP is a global leader when it comes to offering VoIP solutions with excellence and reliability. Our VoIP solutions are developed by top minds in the industry and are the wonderful combination of state-of-the-art design and efficiency. Our reliable, secured and unmatched complete VoIP solution includes wholesale origination and termination, wholesale switch and is the perfect solution for VoIP service providers, carriers and wholesale VoIP businesses.

The V1 VoIP wholesale solutions blends superior quality with reasonable price in a fully scalable enterprise-grade wholesale VoIP solution. With the V1 VoIP wholesale VoIP solution, service providers can execute collaborative network access services. The V1 VoIP wholesale solution is designed to enhance the flexibility and robustness to the next generation VoIP technology.

The V1 VoIP wholesale solution is meant for providing congregated communication of next generation. By deploying the V1 VoIP wholesale solution, you can easily manage routing, billing, taxation and get many other tools to simplify the complex process of Wholesale VoIP business. With the step by step easy deployment functionality, our Wholesale VoIP is the most reasonably priced all-in-one solution in the VoIP industry.
This V1 VoIP wholesale solution includes the following:
1. The V1 VoIP softSwitch
2. V1 VoIP billing platform
3. Remote Training Program
4. One month remote support package

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today to take a free demo of our turnkey wholesale VoIP solution.

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V1 Should be Your Wholesale VoIP Service Provider

V1 VoIP has ventured into the wholesale VoIP field to substantially increase our market standing and earn maximum profits with minimum risk involved. Benefits that wholesale VoIP brings our reseller customers include cost reduction, better productivity and reliability.

Not sure that wholesale VoIP solutions from V1 VoIP is the way you want to go? Here are some things to consider:
1. Money
The single most important factor when you come to V1 VoIP is what our rates are. V1 VoIP services are a value to your customers. When you do volume you access our wholesale rates which we challenge you to find better. In the end you will make more money as your customers continue to save money.

2. Quality
Wholesale resellers also need to focus on quality. V1 VoIP offers superior clarity of voice that is passed along to our customers. Contact us to find out about our ACR, PDD and ACD.

3. Backend Features
Our proprietary backend system called VoIP Portal features ease of use like real-time DID provisioning, e911, customized billing, termination, porting, billing, CDRs and detailed reports about the call duration of every single client. You can also set terms and limits on minutes for each individual clients. The dashboard on VoIP Portal shows key metrics, and a robust notification system makes management relatively easy.

4. Support
V1 VoIP believes that we succeed when our resellers succeed. That’s why we offer our resellers training for smooth daily operations and access to our strong technical support team. We know questions and issues will arise and we are here for the technical issues are common with every technology.

V1 VoIP is a private label solution for startup ITSPs, virtual fax service and a proprietary least-cost-routing termination management system. We look forward to servicing your wholesale needs. Contact us today or sign up now to get started.

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