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V1 VoIP Wholesale Termination Solutions

V1 VoIP provides complete wholesale termination services. Wholesale VoIP communication starts with providers who receive interconnection from countries at negotiated costs based on the amount of anticipated traffic, assessed in minutes, to that country. V1 VoIP rates become inversely proportional to the volume, where the more the minutes, the less the rate. After working out a profit margin, wholesale providers, resell services to other businesses.

VoIP termination is where an originating call is terminated on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). V1 VoIP offers wholesale termination sold as a separate service which offers a lucrative opportunity to small businesses. Wholesale termination is effectively a provision of a route or path through which a call can be sent or transmitted over the internet.

V1 VoIP offers wholesale termination at highly competitive rates and varies depending on volume minute usage. With V1 VoIP as your carrier, a person can start a business in the telecom industry without taking a big financial leap, or marketing or other risks. Taking this step does not require investment in expensive equipment, technology or software, nor are there any time-consuming procedures involved. You can become a wholesale termination agent with a modest initial payment, which is typically offset against future traffic consumption. The start up period is brief, requiring just a few business days.

The advantages of using V1 VoIP as a carrier include:

* A start up VoIP company can purchase voice traffic in minutes, as well as numbers, from V1 VoIP at wholesale rates.
* You require no investment on soft switches and hardware.
* V1 VoIP provides excellent voice quality and is poised for exponential growth.
* V1 VoIP offers white label options so your business can sell under its own brand.
* You can fix your own rate for your customers. With reduced overhead, you could be more competitive and offer a price advantage.
* You can create a range of plans with differing billing increments.
* Becoming a V1 VoIP wholesale termination agent requires no sign up or monthly fees.

What are you waiting for? Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today and find out about our wholesale termination carrier services. Learn about our competitive rates and see if you qualify for a volume minute discount!

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Reliable VoIP Inbound Wholesale V1 VoIP Origination

reliable V1 voip inbound wholesale voip origination carrier services

V1 VoIP has reliable and aggressively priced domestic VoIP origination carrier services. V1 VoIP offers local DID inbound service for over 9,200 rate centers in the North America and 58 Countries worldwide with more added every day!
* Inbound (originating) service from multiple markets
* Reliable intercity transport network via the V1 VoIP 3.2Tbps, MPLS-enabled IP backbone
* Local Number Portability via the V1 VoIP Services Portal (Enhanced Service Provider Interface – ESPI)
* Includes Directory Listing and Caller ID with Name
* Eliminate capital expense associated with building a physical “POP”
* Create a national virtual presence or a local presence in a remote city or town
* Accelerate business expansion into new markets
* Reduce the need for Toll Free numbers for enhanced service applications

Add V1 VoIP origination services to your suite of product offerings today. Your customers will thank you for it. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to take a free demo of our proprietary VoIP Portal platform for resellers and see the amazing pricing for V1 VoIP resellers.

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Become a Wholesale V1 VoIP Reseller of Carrier Services

V1 VoIP resellers take advantage of wholesale carrier service offerings

V1 VoIP’s wholesale VoIP program is an original agreement where a reseller can purchase our VoIP services on a wholesale basis then resell them white labeled through their own brand. There is no need to pay huge up front costs to enter into the VoIP market by becoming a V1 VoIP wholesaler. When you become a V1 VoIP wholesaler, you get into the VoIP business and get ready to sell.

Traditional telecom businesses must endure high levels of capital expenditures to build out physical points of presence, but the V1 VoIP wholesale option bypasses this requirement, allowing the retailer to instead focus on marketing and building the business.

V1 VoIP services can be acquired wholesale for subsequent resale include international and domestic calling, direct inward dial numbers, fax service, and much more. The easiest way to get into the business as a V1 VoIP wholesaler is by purchasing wholesale services, which can simply be resold under your own brand.

Service providers, resellers and Internet entrepreneurs are increasingly turning towards V1 VoIP as a wholesale VoIP carrier to enter into the lucrative telecom market..

For those looking to go into the VoIP business by purchasing V1 VoIP services on a wholesale basis for reselling should be aware of VoIP services, solutions and definitions, and be aware of the features and benefits that we provide. Contact V1 VoIP now to begin wholesaling voip carrier services.

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V1 VoIP A-Z VoIP Wholesale Termination

At V1 VoIP, we define A-Z VoIP termination as the ability for a VoIP service provider, such as ourselves, to offer termination support for the connection to all destinations in the world. A – Z comes from the idea of Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, which would be all the countries available on the plant. This comprehensive offer allows the subscribers to have a possibility of connection with most of telephone numbers, regardless of their location and type.

Termination itself is a service which consists in ending telephone calls inside the telecommunication operator network to which the connection has been directed. The last network where the calls appear is the network of the terminating operator. For example, if the operator A sends calls to the operator B to the numbers belonging to the subscribers of the operator B’s network (both one’s own numbers and the numbers transferred), we are dealing with termination.

V1 VoIP allows for the purchase and sales of both termination service and the transit of telephone calls. Thanks to built-in mechanisms, when it is possible, connections are transferred directly to the target operator’s network so that he can terminate them in his network. In case of the lack of a direct connection, they will direct connections via transit links in such a way that the potential number of hops (transit networks) is as low as possible.

When you partner up with V1 VoIP as an A-Z VoIP termination wholesaler, you gain access to a very wide offer of operators worldwide. V1 VoIP aggregates many A-Z offers concerned with single destinations, automatically compares rates and quality of connections and selects the best offers for you. With the V1 VoIP platform, we compare offers of other suppliers for you so you know your traffic is supported by only the best.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of terminating calls anywhere in the world. Get complete A-Z wholesale termination by contacting a member of the V1 VoIP termination team today.

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