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This Much I Know (About the Business VoIP Industry)

Posted on: November 26, 2020

Where is Business VoIP Going as an Industry?
One of my clients asked me the other day “Where will IT be in 10 years”?

I honestly couldn’t give a good answer because the pace of change in the IT and Business VoIP Communications industry is so relentless. 10 years is a lifetime!

But there are a few things that NPI has learned over the years (NPI started in 1984).

Here are 3 Things I Do Know:

1. Work with Proven Winners
When NPI first got into the VoIP arena we looked at several companies….Mitel, 3Com, Avaya, Cisco, Fonality and others. We looked at products, financial stability, company philosophy etc.

One company – Digium – stood head and shoulders above the rest. There was no better VoIP company in 2004, that is just as true today, and I suspect it will be true in 2022!

2. Stay Nimble or Die
Just because you are installing a phone system with handsets on the desk today does not mean that is what you will do tomorrow. Mobile devices are more and more prominent. BYOD is not just a slogan, it is a movement! The expectations customers have about how they communicate is evolving constantly, and not only does NPI have to be prepared for that evolution, so do our vendors! Digium and Switchvox have proven they can keep up with the pace of VoIP.

3. Seek Out Great Partners
The best thing NPI has done in its 28 years in business has been to develop good relationships. Many of our best relationships have come in the form of competitors I hold in high regard.

Two of those are TeleDynamic out of San Francisco California, and KME Systems in Lake Forest California. By partnering with competitors our customers benefit because as a group we are able to offer a broader list of services. As a support organization we benefit by knowing our customers will get the same level of professionalism we would deliver ourselves, as we have already outlined expectations.

While I am sure there will be huge changes with the “cloud” and there will be more and more power in the palm of our clients hands, I suspect that is just the beginning of what lies ahead. The expectations from our clients on how they communicate and where they can access their data are constantly expanding

No matter what the future of IT holds, it is certain that NPI is in a better position to provide outstanding support for our customer in 2022 because we partner with winning companies like Digium; we are nimble and capable of supporting new and different products to meet our client’s needs; and because we have an outstanding support group of competitors we work with, in addition to compete against.