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Three Reasons Businesses Should Upgrade Phone Systems

Posted on: September 28, 2017

At V1 VoIP we find it hard to believe that there are competitive businesses that still have not upgraded their telephone systems. While sure, their phones work and they can make calls, they are missing out on so many features, upgrades and advances that VoIP and cloud-based communications like the ones V1 VoIP offers can give them. Here are a few reasons businesses tell V1 VoIP resellers as to why they have not yet upgraded their communication systems yet.

1. It’s too expensive to switch to VoIP
Actually, it’s quite the opposite. First, VoIP and cloud based services have drastically decreased in price over recent years so that even small and medium sized businesses can take advantage of them. For those still on outdated telephone systems, it is becoming increasingly expensive to support and maintain this old-fashioned technology.

Since these legacy phone systems date back to a whole century, they will generally require an older technical environment. Just as applications grow more expensive to maintain as they age, so does the infrastructure that comprises up of these legacy phone systems.

2. New VoIP Equipment Won’t Fit in the Office
If you’re still using a bulky fax machine that takes up an entire corner in your office, then yes, we see where you might think that. But maintaining the expensive infrastructure also comes with keeping the bulky equipment around the office premise, which is likely to consume a lot of office space, which only means that things will get a lot more cumbersome for employees. But with cloud-based services, all that bulky machinery in your mind will actually be occupying a different location altogether.

3. I’m Unfamiliar with PBX, so I’d like to Stick with what I Know
Companies who are sticking to their outdated phone systems should know that hosted PBX systems are actually becoming the preffered choice of business owners. Companies are seeing the benefits of their reduced costs, reduced equipment (the only tangible equipment that is required on the office premise are IP phones are lines connected to those IP phones) and the ability to be connected while on the move, hosted PBX solutions have become the preferred solutions for evolving businesses. In addition, maintenance expenses will become nullified since all the equipment of hosted PBX phone systems will be present at off-site locations.

Don’t be one of those businesses stuck on outdated and obsolete technology for your phone system. Contact V1 VoIP today and so we can offer you our services to update you to the modern era of telecommunications.

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