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Top Five Key Features for V1 VoIP Resellers

Posted on: February 3, 2022


Reselling V1 VoIP services and solutions is a breeze, especially when you fully understand the features and benefits V1 offers. Knowing who you customers are and what they are looking for is a key component in selling in any business. V1 makes it easy for businesses of all sectors and sizes to seamlessly switch from traditional phone services to the high-tech world of VoIP with lower costs and available upgrades for services.

Here are five key features of V1 VoIP services and solutions to highlight when selling to your prospective customers:

1. Bang for your Buck
Simply put, switching to VoIP will save end users money. Every business owner wants to get every cent out of every dollar they spend. With V1 VoIP services, you will give their business better phone solutions than they currently have and at a more affordable price.

2. State of the Art Features
Some companies may need only the basics for a seamless switch over, with necessary services like voice mail and call transferring and forwarding. Other companies may be interested in using all of the newly available features that come with a new VoIP technology, like queuing systems and the ability to add mobile applications for off-site workers. Depending on what type and size of company you are reselling V1 VoIP services to will determine what kind of features they are interested in as well as what they need.

3. Solution Simplicity
Doctors can speak medical terms that sound like a different language. Likewise, don’t expect everyone to be a tech genius. Make the transition to a tech savvy system easy for your clients by explaining the simplicity of switching to VoIP and make that transition as easy as possible.

4. Network Reliability
Is there really such a thing as an unimportant business call? Ensure clients that they will have a solid phone connection with strong network reliability and failover. When your client is on a V1 VoIP system, they don’t need to worry about their communication system and can concentrate on the business at hand.

5. Great customer support
Your clients expect and deserve someone who will take their calls and answer their emails should they need help or run into a problem. Customer support is always what keeps your customers yours in the long run.

Start reselling V1 VoIP services today to your retail customers! contact a member of the V1 VoIP team to get your sales started.

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