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Top Reasons for Local Phone Numbers for Business

Posted on: March 14, 2018

While toll free and vanity numbers are in demand by many V1 VoIP resellers for their clients, there are cases when using a a local phone number may be the better option for a particular businesses.

The first and foremost reason why is because local brick and mortar establishments still enjoy more trust from their local segment of customers. If the business offers a ‘local’ touch, then a local phone number will work to enhance it and the local telephone number will make you seem more accessible.

Having a local phone number may improve your ratings in search results, as Google will be able to associate you with a certain location and thus show you on the SERP for a certain geographic-related query.

Studies have showed that ads with local phone numbers received 60% more calls than the ones with toll-free numbers. To most readers toll-free translated to ‘waiting’, ‘call centers’, ‘answering machines’ and ‘not local’, which is not the approach of a company looking to being ‘closer to people’.

The bottom line is, choosing the right telephony option depends on the needs of the business. Large companies willing to limit their customers’ expenses and enhance their images as big international brands should no doubt go for toll-free.
Whichever your choice is for the company, V1 VoIP is able to fulfill it. Contact V1 VoIP now and access our database of DID phone numbers from over 12,000 rate centers and enjoy all the benefits that VoIP can offer.

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