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V1 Eplains Components of Unified Communications Systems

Posted on: December 2, 2021

One of the greatest benefits of being part of the V1 VoIP team is the access to a complete unified communications (UC) system. When it comes to VoIP, UC ties together facets of a business’ real-time, near real-time and non-real-time multimedia channels for enhanced collaboration, accessibility and productivity.

Types of UC Sysems

Generally, there are two types of VoIP UC systems which are Unified Communications User Productivity (UC-U) and Unified Communications Business Processes (UC-B). What’s the difference? The applications for UC-U are performance driven and thus cater to the end-user experience, while the applications for UC-B deal with integration and automation, meaning they focus on procedure rather than interaction.

Regardless of which type a a user decides on, they provide the following:
* Unified messaging including fax and email
* Instant messaging (IM) and texting
* Call control and/or auto-attendant
* Audio video and/or web conferencing
* Collaboration tools
* Data services and storage
* Business Process Integration (BPI)
* Transaction systems such as e-commerce or banking
* Presence*

By becoming a V1 VoIP private label reseller, you gain access to our online backend propriatery VoIP Portal which grants complete UC. This offers several benefits to businesses. In addition to scalability—the freedom to add or remove components as necessary—UcaaS reduces overhead costs and eliminates the need for hardware maintenance/set-up in office. In addition, many cloud applications connect efficiently to other third-party services, which help businesses to consolidate old accounts and programs.

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