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V1 Guide to Measure VoIP Scalability

Posted on: September 28, 2017

When businesses take their communications to the cloud, businesses can employ V1 VoIP systems as small or large as they want. When thinking about scalability, however, businesses must consider more than just adding and disabling lines or features.

How scalable a system is also relies on its accessibility and flexibility. Scalability and flexibility go hand in hand as they adjust to the demands of an active business. They differ in the sense that flexibility also refers to the way users configure and employ features. The ability to change components as needed contributes to a system’s efficiency overall. Even if adding lines is a simple process, the time it takes to setup and modify needs factoring too. This is where usability and scalability collide.

Everyone wants to focus on growth, and scalability is perfect for adding new lines and growing a VoIP system. But did you know that scalability also pertains to when a system needs to downsize? Don’t look at VoIP downsizing as a bad thing, because businesses need to do it for a variety of growth purposes. The modern workforce spends less time in the office, either telecommuting or on the road, so accessibility directly determines a system’s scalability.

Likewise, businesses need to think about security—the more doors open, the better chance of something getting in. At no point should a business accept a VoIP system highly scalable yet susceptible to intrusions.

V1 VoIP measures the effects a system’s tools have on its efficiency. The importance of scalable communications includes benefits such as decreased transition time, cost reduction, market resilience and increased communications efficiency. In regards to accessibility, a scalable system must also be compatible with a range of devices.

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