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V1 Virtual Numbers Save Money

Posted on: January 12, 2022

Did you know that by aquiring V1 VoIP virtual numbers not only can you save money, but you can save your customers money as well? They can! Let V1 explain how.

A virtual number is a secondary number used to route calls to a business’ main phone system or auto-attendant. Virtual numbers are not physically attached to a system. Because of this, businesses can purchase virtual numbers in different area codes, giving them a larger point of presence and enabling long distance and call forwarding services without the hefty fees.

For businesses with V1 virtual phone numbers, when a customer calls the virtual business number, they will register dialing a local call. Because of this, businesses often obtain several virtual numbers to keep their customers from having to pay each time they get in-touch. The ability to add local numbers For businesses it can also help to accommodate growth.

V1 VoIP virtual number are also traceable! Now businesses can monitor the call-volume from certain areas, helping to determine the regions that require the most attention. For businesses with multiple main offices, virtual numbers also act as a way to unify departments. In this sense, not only do virtual numbers save your customers money, but they profit the business as well.

Perhaps the best part of virtual numbers may be discovered in conjunction with your VOIP system. V1 VoIP virtual numbers offer all the features businesses love amd need like text-to-voicemail, voice messaging and greetings, call screening, and call forwarding/routing. These will help catch calls any time of day, regardless of your location. If a V1 VoIP virtual number sounds right for your business, Contact us with the form below to choose a number from more than 70 countries.

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