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V1 VoIP Answers Your SIP Trunk Reseller Questions

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP answers SIP Trunk reseller questions for upgrades for business communications

SIP trunk services and solutions are becoming increasingly popular for V1 VoIP resellers. Business customers of V1 resesllers who may not be as tech savvy, often don’t understand how this powerful technology can help their business while save them money.

Here are some of the more popular questions business owners are asking V1 VoIP resellers when signing up for SIP trunking services and solutions and how resellers should answer them:

What is SIP? What does a SIP trunk do?
SIP is the abbreviation for Session Initiation Protocol. A SIP trunk is the device used to connect a private PBX system to a public network.

SIP trunks sound complicated. Can I trust them?
The short answer is yes. In fact, when integrated properly, you can trust them even more than traditional ISDN circuits.

Is SIP trunk equipment expensive?
What kind of equipment a customer needs will depend on the type of PBX system a customer is currently using. New equipment might include a gateway box to connect the devices. The costs associated with using SIP trunks are often a steal compared to what some companies are currently paying for their communication services. And don’t forget that SIP trunks will save a business money in the long end.

Is it just one SIP trunk or will I need multiples?
The answer will depend on what kind of telephone usage your business has. The base rule is one SIP trunk for every five telephone lines. This way you can ensure that during those high volume areas, all calls are passed for each employee.

If you are interested in offering your business customers V1 CoIP SIP trunks, don’t hesitate to get started reselling these amazing business solutions. We invite you to contact a V1 SIP team member with any questions you may have about SIP trunks and how you can begin reseslling V1 VoIP SIP trunk services and solutions.

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