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V1 VoIP Cloud Based PBX Phone System Features

Posted on: November 11, 2021

With V1 VoIP’s Cloud Based PBX Business phone system you can do the following:

  • Reduce costs. With no hardware or software to buy or maintain, you save costs in many ways. There is no big capital outlay for a new system. You get all the high-end features you need without paying extra. You don’t have to hire and train someone to do phone support.  There’s no receptionist to hire to answer incoming calls. V1 VoIP’s small business phone system does it for you.
  • Pay as you grow. Small businesses often start with a small PBX and have to buy new systems as they grow – or else they pay too much up-front, trying to make sure their system will be big enough to handle future growth. V1 VoIP’s small business phone system lets you start as small as you want and grow to unlimited size, while only paying for what you need.
  • Get the features you need at a price that makes sense. Our virtual phone system includes all of the major features you want, and most are included without extra fees. None of our competitors offer as many features as V1 VoIP, and most charge extra for the few things they offer, like dial-by-name directories or email delivery of voice and fax messages. Don’t settle for low-end voicemail or fax systems masquerading as a virtual phone system.
  • Get a professional presence. You can greet your callers with a custom, professional business greeting every time they call. They’ll know your company is a real, solid business.
  • Distribute your workforce. With a V1 VoIP hosted phone system, you can route incoming calls to any type of phone, anywhere. This lets your employees work from the office, from home, work sites, or on the road. Try doing that with a typical small business PBX. You can even “Go Virtual” — move to a completely “virtual” office, eliminating the expense of office rent.
  • Never ring busy. With a traditional small PBX you often have to buy extra phone lines just to keep callers from hearing a busy signal. V1 VoIP customers just make sure every employee has a working phone and never worry about ringing busy. We’ve got a huge number of incoming lines, and we automatically allocate more lines to your business whenever you need them.
  • Conference without hassles. Get employees, clients, and/or suppliers together without messy scheduling or a complex reservation system. Every V1 service includes integrated, hassle-free conferencing. There are no PIN numbers to remember, and no third parties to deal with.

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team to find out how you can save your business money with our hosted PBX phone systems and take your business to the cloud today!

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