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V1 VoIP Dedicated Switch Partition Rental Services

Posted on: November 26, 2021

V1 VoIP dedicated switch partition services rental services

Hosted switch partition rentals by V1 VoIP are the easiest way to start a VoIP company on minimal costs. V1’s switch partition services is a hosted technical solution where we provide our customers with a portion of our switch, dedicated to their very own cause.

Our dedicated support personnel would provide initial configuration, training, pre-launch support, as well as a fully managed partition. This is a white-label VoIP reseller program for efficient management of your customers. V1 VoIP helps you preserve your brand-identity and your customer relationships are built in your own name.

Major features of V1 VoIP Switch Partitioning Services include the following:
* V1 VoIP resellers focus on sales, without having to manage technical aspects of business.
* A terrific opportunity to boost business without incurring capital expenditure or setting up infrastructure.
* Reseller partition can be increased at any time, even at a short notice.
* There is no need to hire expensive support personnel.
* There is no need to own a complete switch. Our customers virtually own a part of switch as if it were their dedicated switch.
* No operational overheads. V1 VoIP owns and operates the switch.

A relationship with V1 VoIP provides our customers a one-step opportunity to interconnect with some of the best carriers we are already connected with. Some of the benefits of partitioning services from V1 VoIP are:
* Management of clients and vendor accounts.
* Generating various reports – Business, Profit, Traffic and QoS etc.
* Online CDR panel for the end customer.
* Least Cost & Dynamic routing
* Alarms – QoS & Commercial based
* Scalability up to 500E1s on a single partition
* No setup charges & minimum commitment on capacity. A perfect opportunity to earn more without making large investment.

Get started now with a V1 VoIP Switch Partition or our White Label VoIP services. Contact a V1 representative to get your VoIP company started.

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