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V1 VoIP Explains How to Improve Your Call Quality

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP explains how resellers improve businesses call quality QoS

V1 VoIP explains to our resellers that there are three main components pertinent to the success of VoIP technology in business: cost efficiency, functionality, and reliability. Our resellers’ customers love that the first two characteristics come standard with our VoIP services, but many desire a call quality guarantee. To improve VoIP call quality, or simply to ensure its consistency, our resellers look at the following to determine if there’s room for quality adjustment:

Network Infrastructure
The infrastructure of a business’ network is a very important factor to consider. Resellers will ask much bandwidth is available, how many users are active online and who is the internet provider. Since it is up to external facilities to transport voice data packets, businesses need to look outside of their immediate environment if they are experiencing poor VoIP call quality. To keep costs down, investigate your current data plan, so that you do not exceed your internet limitations trying to optimize your system.

V1 VoIP resellers recommend using top-grade lossless compression software, otherwise you will significantly deteriorate your VoIP system’s call quality. It is also important to keep your computer running properly, meaning that regular defragmentation, memory clean-up, and system backup are necessary to ensure VoIP call quality consistency.

Location and Wiring
The use of a network monitoring device is a must; it enables tracking for each voice data packet, allowing for easy troubleshoot if a call goes awry. Similarly — and this is not something many people think to check — look into installing high-quality network cables to reduce static. Not only will this stop severe weather conditions from affecting your VoIP call quality, but it will improve the longevity of the network overall. To reduce in-house interference, always place your VoIP ATA away from the router; the placement of equipment can also affect VoIP call quality.

Is your call quality as clear as should be? As clear as it could be? Contact V1 VoIP today to talk to us about call quality issues, how to overcome them, and be in touch with a reseller who can provide you the best call quality in VoIP service and solutions for your business.

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