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V1 VoIP Explains PBX SIP Trunks and Simultaneous Calls

Posted on: August 3, 2018

The volume of simultaneous calls your office makes and receives can mean a difference in IP solutions. Hosted PBXs and SIP trunks aren’t just useful for internal connectivity, they also cater to different volumes of concurrent calls.

A PBX (private branch exchange), is the hardware or software that divides the main telephone line into extensions. Most traditional analog PBXs, called legacy PBXs, are large pieces of hardware that reside in-house and require constant maintenance by a technician. Some legacy PBXs can work with a VoIP phone system, but only with an adapter. It’s often a better option to buy a modern VoIP PBX solutions, which come either as an in house IP PBX or an off-site hosted PBX.

Hosted PBXs work best with unlimited extensions, which works out perfectly for businesses with a high volume of concurrent calls. SIP trunks consolidate extensions, which make them useful for businesses with a low volume of concurrent calls. For instance, if a company has 30 extensions but only experiences 10 concurrent calls at any given time, the company only needs to buy 10 SIP trunk ports, or one SIP trunk port that can handle 10 concurrent calls.

But how do you calculate what you will need? V1 VoIP can help you to determine the number of SIP Trunks that you will need.
Many small and medium businesses that are not running call centers or monitoring their traffic with call accounting software can find it tricky to know for sure what their call volume is. But have a receptionist or assistant keep track for a week and make that the average.

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