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V1 VoIP Explains Prepaid Pinless Calling Cards

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP is happy to explain what prepaid pinless VoIP calling card is and how they work. In the past, prepaid calling card services was achieved by dialing an 800 toll-free or local access number, entering a PIN number, followed by your destination number.

Today, there are more streamlined access methods that greatly reduce the dialing requirements of the user and make it even more convenient to save money and utilize new innovative features while calling from different locations and devices. With V1 VoIP’s pinless dialing services subscribers no longer need to remember a PIN number, they only need to dial an access number followed by their destination number.

V1 VoIP’s prepaid calling card services offer consumers a convenient way to call family, friends and business associates that bypasses the long distance network of their primary residential, business or mobile carrier at considerable cost savings.

VoIP providers can now leverage smartphones with their ability to run mobile dialer applications, so subscribers can simply select a destination from their Contact list and have their call connected automatically and at considerable savings. Mobile smartphones, Wi-Fi, and 3G applications have made the process for utilizing prepaid services even more attractive and streamlined for service providers where virtual prepaid services can be offered on both an inbound and/or an outbound basis.

With next-generation technology consumers can now use the prepaid calling card service provider of their choice in an easy and convenient manner regardless of whether they are calling from home, the office or their mobile phone. By deploying the right prepaid calling card platform, service providers can capture consumers’ long distance traffic, across many types of devices, regardless of geographic boundaries. With next-generation SIP-based prepaid calling card platforms carriers can extend the footprint of their network and be well positioned to deliver in-demand, feature-rich and device agnostic voice services, on a global scale.

The V1 VoIP prepaid calling card platform offers real-time call rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing its competitive advantage by offering flexible, creative and attractive calling plans that reduce administrative overhead by eliminating the need to re-rate and mediate CDRs from disparate systems. Our integrated and real-time approach liberates human resources to focus on building the prepaid phone card business rather than managing the platform.

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