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V1 VoIP Explains The Difference Between Termination and Standard VoIP

Posted on: August 11, 2021

difference between voip terminations and standard voip

h speed Internet connections.

As a leading VoIP service provider V1 VoIP offers services such as: VoIP reseller programs, VoIP termination facilities, wholesale VoIP carrier services and VoIP termination business plans. These services can also be customized to meet the needs of individual clients.

For example, wholesale call termination services can be provided to those who wish to operate on a bigger scale than a VoIP reseller. Here, VoIP minutes are purchased in bulk and the resellers are usually the primary clients. V1 offers complete termination rates to our customers for every country on the globe. The actual call rates will usually determine which service provider is chosen by the reseller or wholesaler. Cheaper rates and/or better quality will usually prompt a switch to a different service. But in many cases, better quality will take precedence over cheaper rates.

VoIP service quality is determined by factors such as: Average Success Ratio (ASR), Average Call Duration (ACD) and Post Duration Delay (PDD). A good average success ratio should hover be a minimum of 40-50% with the preference of over 60%. The post duration delay should be no more than three to four seconds with a preference of below two seconds.

The Benefits of VoIP Termination Services
V1 VoIP termination services have become more widespread in the business community for a number of reasons. First of all, there can be a huge savings when it comes to phone bills. But even more importantly, VoIP options can increase a businesses’ competitive edge over its competition. This edge can be realized through direct communications with dealers, suppliers in addition to global client contact. A corporation may achieve this through inexpensive international and long distance calls. Standard PSTN calls would add up to a much greater expense when attempting to match this type of call volume.

Additionally, inter-office calls can be made at no additional charge within a VoIP network. Continual free phone communication between company departments can be made despite the physical location of those departments. This connectivity is perfect for those companies with office locations in different parts of the world. All of this is indicative of changes in the way business is conducted. For example, conferences are typical in any corporation. VoIP has eliminated the need to fly great distances in order to attend a conference through the use of VoIP video conferencing. This is just one advantage of VoIP over PSTN.

Finally, VoIP termination offers the advantage of securing DID numbers for organizations that operate from more than one country. A DID number is an independent area code number. This means that a client may call you without knowing that that they are making an overseas call. Your client will only be charged for a local call. This particular feature is especially advantageous for call center operations who are unable to set up their own independent VoIP systems.

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