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V1 VoIP Explains What a PBX Phone System Is

Posted on: November 3, 2021

If you’ve just begun researching phone solutions for your business, you may have come across the acronym PBX. Do you not know what that means? Do you know how it might benefit your business? V1 VoIP will give you the 411 on what PBX phone systems are. PBX stands for Private Brand Exchange. PBXs come in a wide variety, although most today are digital and leverage the Internet to send voice and video communications. PBX means a business-grade phone system. These systems offer necessary voice features that companies need to run daily operations including extension dialing, business hour settings to route calls off hours, customer waiting queues, music on hold, and call conferencing.

Internet Protocol (IP) PBXs are the most common systems used in business because they are expandable and upgradeable. An IP PBX delivers voice calls through VoIP. Because they leverage the Internet, IP PBXs are capable of high definition audio and many other sophisticated PBX features, such as call queuing, flexible business hour rules, and application integration, interchanging with other unified communications and CRM platforms.

A premise-based IP PBX is a VoIP-based phone system that is housed on site at the office. Instead of physically connecting to the PBX with copper wiring, phones connect to the PBX over an office’s Local Area Network (LAN), often leveraging the same Internet connectivity that your office computers do.

Hosted PBX
A hosted PBX service takes the phone system from your server closet to the cloud because hosted means virtual. Hosted PBX is is maintained by V1 VoIP and allows businesses to connect to it over the public Internet. As the business owner, this eliminates monthly PBX maintenance costs, the hassle of upgrading PBX software, and service downtime, because all these issues are handled by us.

Because of the low upfront capital expenditure hosted PBX is frequently the best fit for small and medium sized businesses. Most hosted PBX providers do not require customers to purchase any equipment beyond IP phones. V1 VoIP offers browser-based administrative portals which offer account owners full control over how the phone service is used in the office. Customers can add phones, extensions, users, and popular applications, such as Music on Hold and ACD queues, easily with a few mouse clicks.

To learn more about PBX phone systems and service, contact V1 VoIP. A representative will be happy to answer your questions and take you on a free demo of what V1 VoIP PBX can do for your business and reseller customers.

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