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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Best Features

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP best features of cloud hosted PBX VoIP services for resellers to small and medium businesses

V1 VoIP resellers are consistently asking for cloud hosted PBX solutions and services to offer to their business customers. Cloud hosted PBX services provide our reseller customers with flexibility, mobility, and cost savings without compromising quality, reliability and advanced features. V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX services automatically network multiple offices together using sip trunks which eliminates multiple circuits, expensive networking equipment per location and networking software. By networking offices, resellers can save their business clients money with fewer receptionists to handle all locations and one centralized voice mail system.

Here are the top ten features of V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX VoIP services offer resellers:

1. Save Money: With cloud hosted PBX service you can eliminate the cost and complexity of the phone closet
2. Fully Capable: Cloud hosted PBX service is easy to use and offers you everything you need
3. No Maintenance: Hosted PBX is in ‘the cloud’. There’s no labor fees for customers
4. Save Money: It’s worth repeating! V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX will also lower customer monthy phone bills
5. Automatic Software Updates: We’ll handle it for you
6. Access: Immediate access to detailed call reports & features over a personal secure user portal
7. No Customer Risk: Everyone loves this!
8. Conference Bridge: Bring others in from other locations at no additional costs
9. Call Center Pluses: Very low rates for predictive dialers
10. Nothing to Break: Everyting is done virtually on the cloud

From law firms and medical practices to enterprise call centers, V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX systems are making resellers money. Find out how much money you can make reselling cloud hosted services by contacting a member of the V1 VoIP PBX team right now.

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